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3 Tricks for Finding the Ideal Employee

23 Sep 2021 Developer News
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In small businesses, the process of selecting the ideal employee can be done in different ways. However, it is seldom seen for what it is: a critical moment for the company's success.

The importance of selecting experienced and motivated staff is underestimated; speed and economy are high on the list of priorities. Therefore, spending more time searching for the ideal employee is an investment that will have an extreme return over the years.

The ideal employee's CV

Evaluating resumes is a tedious process, but it can save a lot of time during interviews. By going beyond appearances, you can find out early on whether a candidate has the required skills.

First of all, it is good to ignore appearances: few candidates rely on a professional to write their CV, especially for low-level jobs. Nor are they able to write an effective one on their own, as the constant presence of the Europass shows.

Let's assume you need to hire staff in your company. How do we choose the right candidate for the job?

Presentation of alternatives

UPS Manager

Regina Hartley, the director of human resources at US shipping giant UPS Manager, poses a big dilemma: with the same skills, we have to choose between two candidates with very different profiles.

The first candidate she defines as the "silver spoon candidate" has attended a prestigious university, been awarded honors, has excellent references, and has an impeccable CV. The candidate has had advantages, is destined for success, and was brought up for it. They have a streak of luck and determination, spends their spare time playing online games such as, and enjoy socializing.

The second candidate, nicknamed 'the Fighter,' went to state schools, held many odd jobs, including 'cashier and singing waitress.' However, she has had to fight against "adverse" conditions to get to the same point.

Yet both are equally qualified. What differentiates them are only their life stories.

Which of the two would you choose? Regina Hartley claims she would give the second candidate a chance, and this is the reason why.

Definition of Fighter

The Fighter talked about her life as an example. Her father has paranoid schizophrenia and couldn't hold down a job, despite his brilliance; she has four siblings and was raised by a single mother in a tough New York neighborhood; she grew up in poverty, didn't even have a phone. And she worked as a singing waitress to help pay for college.

As if her life wasn't enough of an example, Regina researched the lives of businesses and successful people. She found that there were some common characteristics.

To cite a famous example, Regina summarised the life of a potential candidate fighter:

  • given up for adoption
  • never finished university
  • worked many odd jobs
  • spent a year in India
  • Has dyslexia
  • No one would ever hire him, yet his name was Steve Jobs.

The final choice

Returning to the initial question, if you still don't know who to choose between the silver spoon and the Fighter, Regina's advice for choosing the right candidate is to select the underrated candidate, whose secret weapons are passion and determination.

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