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An Underwater Railroad from China to the USA

27 Sep 2021 Developer News
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If you are thinking of travelling from China to the USA or the opposite, you should take a couple of minutes to read this post. Flying from China to the USA may become an old-fashioned way of travelling in the near future. These days, China has serious plans of building a high-speed underwater train.

Now, you might be afraid of the idea that you don't want to even read about it. Further, you may say, “I am a classical person who plays darmowy bonus bez depozytu slot games, and I am satisfied with planes”. So, why should we go underwater? Well, let us tell you, even fruit games are modernised every now and then.

With China's aspiring project, you will reach your destination in two days. Comparing those 48 hours with the 14 hours of flying, you will find it is much easier. You don't need to check-in and out at the airport.

China's Underwater Railway

The plan, as reported by Chinese newspapers, is to connect China, Russia, Canada and America. The train is to start from China and move in a tunnel through the Bering Strait. After that, it will continue to Russia, which is already part of the project now. However, the problem will be with the USA part. The Chinese-American relations are not the best, especially after the latest Coronavirus pandemic.

Also, the expected budget for the train is $200 billion. China believes it will be one of the most notable projects of the century. It will extend for around 8,000 miles or 13,000 kilometres.

History of the Project

Now, let's surprise you more and tell you that this project is not a new one. Actually, China has been thinking of such a project since 2014. Moreover, many news outlets talked about the megaproject. However, there was no progress in this project until now.

In 2018, China started working on a ballet train. This train is a national one connecting different parts of China together. Further, it has more than 15 Kilometers of the underwater passage. However, it is not as large as the promising China-USA train.

Some analysts believe that the ballet train with its underwater section is a test for the upcoming train. Constructing such a huge project with no test would be a disaster if it didn't work properly.

With or Against?

The project seems impressive. Yet, as we just mentioned, the political aspect is to be considered here. Also, the project is really expensive. It could be the most expensive project of the 21st century. So, it should take its time and proper planning before any step forward.

Additionally, the train will not work under China's waters only. Hence, other countries are part of the game. Will these countries financially contribute to the project? Or they will just provide consent, and China will gain all the profit?

Finally, comparing the expenses and the profits while considering all aspects is important. The train will cost a lot of money, time and effort. Therefore, the return should be worth it in terms of easing travel, economy and trade.

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