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Top 5 Must-Have Apps in the UK

18 Mar 2022 Developer News
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Top 5 Must-Have Apps in the UK
Top 5 Must-Have Apps in the UK

Planning to move to the UK? We all know it is very tough to move to a different city. There are times when we almost give up on the dream of going to another land and living.

The modern development in technology has helped a lot of people. After passing the British citizenship test with life in the UK test practice, you will have to think about your life and for making it easier here we talk about the top 5 must-have apps if you are going to live in the UK.

Getting used to a palace that is completely new can be very troublesome. Thankfully, our mobile devices are there to our rescue.

To help you tackle your everyday problems there are many apps that are top-notch. Among those many apps to make life easy, here is a list of must-have apps in the UK:


1. City Mapper

Sometimes we just get lost even at a place that is very lively and with people all around us. Finding roads to your destination at a new place is very difficult.

Citymapper is a must-have and best app if you want to get directed to your destination correctly and
on time. Citymapper is a public transport app that will help you get the right bus or transport to your destination at the right time.

2. BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer will help you be well acquainted with British culture. From the news of a serial killer to a local festival the BBC player will always keep you updated and hooked.

3. Time-Out

Sometimes life feels very boring and you just want to have fun. But there are times when we can’t find a place to visit or don’t even have a clue or a festival being organized nearby.

Time-Out will help you manage your social calendar in the best way possible. This app also has all the news of events around the UK which you can join and get socialized.

4. Kapten

A lifesaver! Yes, this one is a ride-hailing app. You can share rides with people who are willing to share them. You will save yourself from the trouble of carrying your luggage and traveling via a metro. You will also see a lot of cars from Kapten on the streets of London. It is as famous as Uber these days.

This app will definitely save your time and will help you reach your home safely and sound without any hassle.


5. Wise

For all of your local and international financial transfers, wise is the must-have app. Wise has been a global app for international money transfers. You can easily transfer money from any country to your UK bank account or transfer from your bank to any country through this app.

Apart from these, there are numerous apps like BBC sounds, Starling Bank, Rightmove, Hello Fresh, and many more. All these apps will help you carry out your daily life with ease and more fun and also will help you get acquainted with the UK.

So, what are you waiting for? Get all these apps to your phone right now and enjoy the services you deserve.

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