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Video conferencing for business: iMind benefits

22 Jul 2022 Developer News
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Video conferencing for business: iMind benefits
Video conferencing for business: iMind benefits

Remote communication is an excellent way to speed up the processes and facilitate your life. It works for private life and business -- and the more technologies develop, the more business needs them. Video conferencing, as the most advanced tool for remote communication, is not the exception. Many brands exist pretending to create top-quality products, but not all of them do in fact. Why, in such conditions, iMind conferences deserve your attention?

Video conferencing: why demanded?

First of all, let’s clarify the reason why people need video conferencing for business so much. These tools help save time and money on travel and organization. It’s one of the crucial points because the other ones derive from this issue. Usually, to make a deal, people need to meet and discuss questions multiply. The locations, plans, and objective obstacles make it very problematic sometimes to organize everything fast. 

Video conferencing releases you from these troubles. Thus, it helps people stay comfortable, be more productive, and develop their businesses more spectacularly. But to make it smooth, you should find a reliable platform to be a middleman between all of you.

What is the iMind platform?

The platform is a quickly developing product of the Mind company. They started working on telecommunication technologies in 2011, and in 2012 they made their first loud achievement – setting a new world record in the most large-scale conference ever organized. Their following work was aiming to find this golden mean between the technologies, capacities, and people’s demands. 

To reach this goal, they cooperated with the largest telecommunication organizations, created and developed new projects, and patented their works in the USA. In 2022 spring G2 reviews admitted iMind as the leading product in the video conferencing industry. Usually, achievements are self-explanatory, but to understand better if this top-product suits your case, let’s look at the functionality provided.

Why work with iMind?

The first thing to consider if planning to work with iMind is the various functional sets offered for different types of customers. The iMind platform suggests 4 plans for its customers:

  • free – core functions, which still give the freedom of action;
  • pro plan – a little extended version;
  • business plan – new possibilities appear;
  • enterprise plan – full pack with most functions unlimited.

Free opportunities include:

  • creating up to 10 conference rooms;
  • 24-hour conferences;
  • simultaneous screen sharing;
  • online chat for business;
  • visual authorization of the attendees;
  • visual branding of the rooms;
  • up to a hundred participants are available in one room.

As you can see, it’s pretty much for the functionality requiring no charge. Thus, it lets you try this tool for your business and clarify it by personal experience if everything works as you find appropriate. 

A good video conferencing tool is not a rare case, but it’s not that easy to find something reliable and simple to apply at the same time. Though, iMind breaks this trouble and gives you a wide field for experiments. Find more opportunities for you and your business with the iMind app!

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