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Anticipated changes for iOS 8

06 Jan 2015 News
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Anticipated changes for iOS 8

Let’s face it: iOS 8 kind of sucks. It sucks to the point that we don’t really recommend anyone with an iPhone 5 or older update yet until Apple can work out all the bugs. Ongoing problems with those older devices means iOS 8 has the lowest adoption levels in the history of iOS devices. Apple says only 64 percent of compatible devices are running iOS 8 four months after launch, including new iDevices that came out of the box with it. Here are a few things we might see if Apple wants to improve iOS 8’s rep.

1.  Improved homescreen

iOS 7 was a big change, and gave us a lot of new and better features, but one thing it needed, and what the present versions of iOS lack, is an updated homescreen. Why do users need to place app icons starting in the top left corner? On the larger 6 and 6 Plus, it’s practically impossible to reach the top left with one hand. Why not allow users to place an icon in the bottom right?

2. An app drawer

Windows Phone and Android offered users an App Drawer years ago, which is accessed using a single button or icon shortcut and it shows a list of all the apps installed on the device, sorted either by most recently used or alphabetically. Users can drag icons of the apps they want to be seen from the drawer to their homescreen and all others are kept hidden in the drawer.

3. More consideration for releases

With every release that comes out, users confidence is eaten away, especially since they don’t seem to address the problems. Apple should take the time to properly address the problems and put out a real and final fix.

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