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iPod touch gets updated

15 Jul 2015 News
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iPod touch gets updated

The iPod touch hasn’t been updated for almost three years, but all that is about to change. The brand-new iPod touch will have better cameras, a faster processor, a software update that will allow users to sign up for Apple Music, and more. All this comes at a time when interest in the iPod has declined greatly for the last few years, and as Apple puts itself in a position to get back into the music scene. 

The iPod was the tech company’s very first device outside of the personal computer, and it basically paved the way to different devices like the iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately, though, according to a report by CBC, most people have eschewed the iPod touch and instead listen to music on their iPhones and iPads. It’s been suggested that Apple will likely target teens with this newest update on the device; those who can’t afford or don’t want a monthly cell phone bill, or don’t have access to a monthly plan. The iPod allows users to connect to WiFi and play the same apps as iPhone users.


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Rebecca, a former police officer, is an experienced writer and editor. She has used all kinds of different tech and prefers Apple products and apps. Her areas of expertise are in all things Apple, health and fitness, the Paleo lifestyle, and legal topics.