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Apple Music has awkward features mixed in with innovation

16 Jul 2015 News
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Apple Music has awkward features mixed in with innovation

If you haven’t checked it out yet, Apple Music offers a blend of innovative features along with as well as features that aren’t so great. The app feels a bit crowded, which is unusual given Apple’s tendency to use simplistic design and user-friendly options. This one really isn’t any of that. There are several services being offered here: an on-demand music streaming service, a song recommendation program, a radio, and Connect, a way to share and view content. Out of these, the Beats1 radio station is pretty great, and how Siri is worked in is another innovation.

As for the hangups, the recommendations offered just aren’t the best, as yet. I’m sure that as time goes on the service will start making better suggestions. The second problem is that the entire service is only really worth it for people who spend the equivalent of or more than $120 a year on music. 


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