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Seven Tips on How To Find Discounts Online

01 Oct 2021 News
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Who doesn’t love finding discounts on an item or service that’s wanted or needed?

Pretty much everyone knows about the big sales around Cyber Monday and Black Friday where you can find some awesome products at greatly reduced prices.

But, what about the rest of the year when the massive sales aren’t in full effect?

If you are looking for some tips on how to find discounts then we’ve got you covered.

The following is a list of seven ways that you can find and take advantage of discounts online:

Identify the Best Sites to Shop At

This sounds so simple, and yet many people seem to overlook this step. Our first tip for finding the best discounts online is to identify the best websites to shop at.

Now, this can be something broad like Amazon or something specific like where to get discounted Huawei laptops online.

It might be best to save a few sites for specific niches in order to find the best deals.

Direct Contact With the Online Retailer

Who here knows what a cold call is? If you do, then this method is similar except we’re using an email to start the process.

There’s a saying – “closed mouths don’t get fed.”

That’s exactly what this method for finding discounts embodies. If you don’t ask for discounts on products or services then you could be missing out on a promotion or coupon that they might have, but aren’t making known to the masses.

Use Discount Apps

Speaking of coupons and discounts, there’s a plethora of coupon apps for the iPhone and iPad. These apps can offer exclusive discounts on stores, products and services not found anywhere else. Check out some of our best of coupon lists and download a few of these apps today.

Get in Early on a Coupon Code Site

Coupon codes sites are handy if you can get in on the deals in time. Some of these coupons expire rather quickly so it’s important that you identify and bookmark a few of these sites in order to check them out on a regular basis and take advantage of the deals that are active.

Install a Web Browser Extension

Nowadays, it’s even easier to find deals than ever before. One reason for this is that the major web browsers like Google Chrome have included extensions that automatically find discounts for you.

Extensions like Honey will automatically search for deals at whatever site you are shopping at. All you have to do is install the extension. All it takes is a few clicks and then a few seconds of your precious time before Honey does all the work for you.

Abandon or Leave Items in Your Shopping Cart

Ok, here’s a sneaky little trick that many people don’t know about. Some major sites will actually offer you discounts or coupons if you leave items in your shopping cart for a few days.

That’s right! All you have to do is pick your items and then leave them in your online cart and wait for the website to entice you into buying those items today.

After a few days of items left in the cart, these websites will offer you a discount on specific items or even the total of the products in the cart. Remember, they want your money. So, make them earn your business.

Sign Up for Emails

Once you have identified the best sites to shop at for discounts and/or for the specific items and services that you desire, make sure to register your email with those websites.

The majority of reputable shopping sites, and most online businesses in general, use email as a way to offer promotions and discounts.

If you don’t like having your email box filled with promotional messages then you can always mark the emails as spam and check your spam folder whenever you feel like shopping.

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