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TOP 9 Websites to Write Essays and Make Them Great Every Time

26 Oct 2022 News
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Great writing skills remain one of the most important prerequisites of academic success, and there’s no sign that this will change anytime soon. The catch is to keep writing on a consistently high level on different topics for various subjects using diverse paper types over and over again. Yet, even the most profoundly trained professionals must put lots of time and effort into doing so regularly. What’s there to say about students who need to craft dozens of papers monthly while also having to read books and articles, solve problems, complete special projects, and perform other responsibilities.

Here is the list of the TOP 9 websites that can help you write essays, demonstrate how it can be done, or craft papers for you entirely from scratch. Some of these services are paid, others are free, yet others are shareware, with paid versions available at really affordable rates. If you start using these resources properly, you will be able to deal with essay writing tasks much quicker and produce better content.

Paid Essay Writing Websites for Drastic Occasions

Custom writing services present to you the simplest way of getting your essay (and virtually any other academic paper, for that matters) done with your minimal involvement. The main idea here is that you hire a competent writer to compose the text according to your specific requirements for money. Of course, this approach is shady in terms of compliance with the principles of academic integrity, but nonetheless effective when you cannot do the job single-handedly yet need it done and submitted regardless of anything. is a specialized academic paper writing website widely attributed as one of the best companies in the market in terms of price-quality ratio. It offers a wide range of custom writing services focusing on crafting original essays from high school to PhD level. To place an order, you need to set the paper’s basic parameters (type of paper, academic level, size, and deadline), provide detailed writing instructions, and pay the estimated price. American and international students point out a remarkable individual approach PaperHelp routinely practices. For example, the company’s customer managers hand-pick the best-suited writer for the job, matching their qualifications to the order requirements. There are three writer categories to achieve a better outcome – basic, advanced, and TOP. Moreover, you can talk to the assigned expert directly via the anonymized messaging system. Overall, if you choose to buy unique essays online from a trusted provider, PaperHelp is the number one pick to address your “Write my papers” request. Depending on the paper’s size and complexity, the finished piece can be delivered to you as fast as just 3 hours.

Another essay writing service you can pay to order an original piece crafted specifically for you is The company isn’t as large and long-established as PaperHelp, yet it is referred to by field experts as one of the industry’s most underrated services. This aspect contributes to the fact that while WowEssays can basically do the same stuff as its more recognized competitors, it has earned its place among reliable yet cheap essay writing websites affordable to students from all walks of life. Fast and prompt delivery, proof of originality, full confidentiality, freebies with every order, and a straightforward money-back guarantee make it remarkably easy and convenient to use. Plus, unlike PaperHelp, the WowEssays portal also offers several noteworthy things at absolutely no charge – we’ll get to them in the section about free writing tools.

Freelance Platforms

Freelance platforms make an alternative to specialized writing services. Websites like,, or host hundreds – if not thousands – of writers ready to craft whatever paper you need in exchange for your hard-earned dollars. The fundamental difference between the two above-mentioned services is that you describe your gig and then wait for writers to place their bids on it. Or you can offer the job to a particular writer(s) and hope that they will accept it. Such an approach, on the one hand, gives you more flexibility and control. However, on the other hand, you are fully responsible for the choice of the writer, timing, and final outcome. Naturally, this requires more time and effort on your side, which you apparently already lack if you decide to purchase an essay online. Plus, there’s no guarantee that the writer you choose will have sufficient writing skills and command of English as there are people from all parts of the globe.

The bottom line here is that paid essay writing services and platforms are great tools in case you need your paper crafted urgently. Freelance platforms give you more control over the entire process, while specialized websites give you stronger confidence about the final result.

Websites to Help Write Essays and Effortlessly Perfect Your Texts

The next batch of websites that can be of great help when composing essays includes shareware services and apps that enhance your own writing capabilities instead of crafting them instead of you. For example, help you choose the right words just as you type, check grammar on the fly, or ensure the content’s originality. Many of such “assistants” are shareware, meaning they have trial periods or free versions with limited functionality. To unlock the full potential, you’d need to activate a paid subscription.

Writesonic is a writing assistance tool that uses artificial intelligence to enhance your content or create an absolutely new one. The details of how the app’s algorithms put together pretty neat texts are beyond the focus of this article. Yet, here’s how it works: you need to register and access the app’s web interface; select a template (article & blogs, general writing, website copy, ads & marketing, social media, etc.); provide the desired essay’s short description, including tone of voice, quality type, and language – then, the system will generate the text for you. If you don’t feel like giving all the control to AI, you can opt for using tools like Content Rephrase, Sentence Expander or Content Shorten, Passive to Active Voice, etc. Writesonic is available via free trial (over 6.000 words) or subscriptions for short-form and long-form subscriptions (from $10/monthly for 12.000 words).

Even if you believe in the Multiverse, you would probably agree that the Grammarly app will be present in virtually any of them. If it’s not there, we wish you’d never ever find yourself in that universe – that’s how inherent Grammarly has become for top-quality academic writing. With the free version, you get basic writing suggestions in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and conciseness. Generally, it is enough to polish your essay and bring it in line with commonly accepted academic writing standards. If you wish for more, the Premium subscription will add clarity, vocabulary, and tone improvements with full-sentence rewrites, word choice, citations, and plagiarism detection for just $12 a month. Indeed, for that nominal cost, you’ll get a powerful tool to help you craft perfect essays.

Scribbr Plagiarism Checker

Once you’re done with the text, you might want to make sure that it is 100% original so that no teacher would have grounds to accuse you of violating principles of academic integrity. If you have a Grammarly Premium account, you’re all set for this endeavor. However, if you want your paper checked at absolutely no charge, you might want to try the Scribbr plagiarism checker. Although its free version is limited to processing documents of up to 2500 words, it lets you get a definite and reliable answer whether there’s even a hint of borrowed content in your piece. The undeniable Scribbr’s advantage is that it allies with Turnitin – the “anti-plagiarism partner” of many educational institutions. On the other hand, the undeniable Scribbr’s drawback is that the free version only tells you the fact – are there instances of plagiarism or not. If you want to get specific places highlighted and linked to origins – kindly pay $19.95, $29.95, or $39.95 per check for a document of respectively up to 7.499, 49.999, or 50.000+ words.

The core idea of shareware writing assistance services is to exploit your aspiration to craft an essay single-handedly. To this end, they provide you with useful yet limited services for free, leaving you wanting more and possibly, paying for that one day. And in many cases, it’s well worth it!

Assistance Websites to Write Essays for Free

Crafting custom essays or helping you do them for a seemingly nominal price is today a multibillion-dollar industry. Thus, it’d be extremely naïve to expect to find websites to write essays for free, not to mention original papers tailored to a customer’s individual requirements. So, the last three websites on the list include resources that can be used as free assistance and guidance tools. Using them will allow you to significantly quicken and simplify the essay writing process.

WowEssays Free Sample Essay Database

Before you start writing an essay, it might be a good idea to have a look at what a properly written piece should look like. And you will hardly find a better place to do that than the sample database on the already-mentioned The directory includes close to 100.000 entries, making it one of the largest free essay writing websites on the Web. In its bins, you will find hundreds and thousands of essay examples of any type, shape, and size. Using them as sources of overall inspiration and particular topic ideas, writing models to follow, as well as for drawing the best content presentation and structuring techniques, can help you create a real masterpiece worth the highest grade.

The app is a great writing tool to plan, outline, edit, and share your work. Manuscripts can alert writers of missing text sections, exceeding word limits, and many other factors that influence the quality and integrity of your paper. However, the app’s highest value for students is its remarkable ability to deal with every aspect of referencing and citations. Sadly, it is only available to Mac users.

Much like Grammarly is a must-use after you’re done writing, Thesaurus is a must-use in the process itself. Finding the right words to properly convey the message is crucial. The website is simply irreplaceable when you need to figure out the word’s correct meaning or come up with an appropriate synonym or antonym. Additionally, you can make great use of a grammar coach, writing prompts and tips.

Summing it up, we’d like to claim that you must be ready to fork out several bucks in case you’d like to take your writing practices to a new level or get the job done for you by a professional. However, if the app or service doesn’t cost a dime, it doesn’t mean it’s useless to you. Actually, pretty often, the best things in life are free. So, do your research and make great use of multiple free and shareware websites to write better and faster.

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