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Best People Search Websites of 2022

18 Nov 2022 News
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People search websites can be a super valuable resource when you are looking for someone’s contact details to reconnect with them, as well as when you want to find someone’s details to get to know them better, such as when you are dating someone new or you are hoping to hire someone for your business. 

These sites are designed to be simple to use, and they can get you results quickly. Plus, many of them make it possible to look up information by using someone’s full name, address, or phone number. So, you can use these types of sites to do things like determine who is calling you from an unknown number or who just moved into a house on your block. 

But what are the best people search websites that you can turn to in 2022? Continue reading for a list of the top resources that are worth trying the next time you need to learn more about an individual or you’re hoping to find a way to contact an old friend or colleague. 


First up is Nuwber. This is an easy-to-navigate and simple to use people search website that can help you find exactly what you need right away. You can perform a search by typing in someone’s name. Or, if you want to do a reverse lookup, you can type in a phone number or an address to try to determine who is associated with those details. You can access millions of records, including public records from every state in the United States, and the information you can find includes email addresses, dates of birth, business details, property history, professional licenses, and more. Give it a try for yourself to see how it works.  


A well-known people search website is WhitePages. This is another resource that allows you to search for information by using a person’s name and, if you have it, their city and state or zip code. In addition to that, you can perform a reverse phone search or a reverse address search. And you can also use the business search option, which allows you to search for information using a company’s name and city and state or zip code, just like the people search option. Like other people search sites, though, you might only get a certain amount of information on someone before you need to create an account and pay a fee to access more, so just keep that in mind. 


Spokeo is another people search website that you can check out when you need to find information about a person. You can search by name, phone, or address, as well as email address. This means that you can use this website to quickly and easily find information that’s associated with a phone number or an email address that tried to contact you. In other words, you can verify who is behind the number or email so you can decide if they are legitimate or if they are scammers. Plus, you can use this site to get details about property records, business records, historical records, and more.  

Which People Search Website Will You Try First?

As you can see, there are several people search websites that you can try when you need to find information about an individual, a property, a business, or a phone number or email address. You can use one or more of these resources to gather and verify information to be sure you are getting accurate results. And once you find the resource that you like most, you can turn to it whenever you need it. 

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