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Mobile vs desktop casinos: which is better?

20 Nov 2022 News
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Anyone who uses an iPhone or iPad will know the impact iGaming has had in the mobile space lately. From 2020 to 2021 in the USA, for example, spending on mobile casino games grew by 16% to $4.8bn. This clearly shows just how much we love to try out fun casino games on our mobile devices. 

Of course, iGaming’s rise is not just confined to mobile. Many people around the world also love to play games like these on desktop computers. However you like to play, it is the desktop and mobile casinos themselves that help make iGaming the success it is. But which type of casino is better? 

What do mobile casinos bring to the table? 

For anyone who is into the latest iPhone and iPad apps, it is best to start with the unique benefits mobile casinos deliver. These are something that anyone in the USA who lives in a state where iGaming is legal can download to use. The most popular casino apps in Michigan are a case in point and enable iGamers from the Great Lakes State to play classics like blackjack via their mobile device.

But what is it about these kinds of apps that makes them so popular? Perhaps the biggest draw is the freedom that mobile casino apps bring. As these can be used on a tablet or smartphone, you can have fun at online casinos wherever you are and whenever you like. 

What else do mobile casinos offer? 

Just as the best iPhone apps for journalists can help people in this job do more via mobile, top mobile casinos can be great for those who like to play while on the move. This makes using a mobile casino a very convenient way of trying out the best games. It literally puts casino titles at your fingertips and means you can pick up and play for short periods, if desired.

In addition, casino apps are also very safe to use and come with the latest cybersecurity features to protect players. Many mobile casinos come with specific bonus offers that are only open to mobile gamers. When you factor in optimized design so they work fabulously on mobile screens, top-class customer support and lots of great features to use, the advantages are clear. 

What benefits do desktop casinos come with? 

As with mobile casinos, desktop sites can also have bonus offers that are only open to their player base. This can see desktop casinos offer some really great promotions that are not available elsewhere. Many people also find gaming on desktop better because you play on a bigger screen and have a better view of what is happening. 

It is still true to say that some desktop casinos can also come with more games and more features than their mobile counterparts. While this is something in which progress has been made (especially in terms of features between each type of casino online), some desktop sites will have more to offer.

What else do desktop casinos deliver? 

Some people just prefer the whole experience desktop casinos offer. For example, they might find it more enjoyable to play games at home with no one else around them, and with no external distractions. 

As with mobile casino sites, desktop casinos come with 24/7 access so you can play whenever you like. When you also factor in top-notch support for players, robust cybersecurity and excellent design, you can appreciate their appeal. 

Mobile vs desktop casino: which is best? 

This is the burning question that people ask and want an answer to. The truth, though, is that neither is better than the other – it is all down to personal taste. If you like to game at home and on a larger screen, then desktop might be for you. If you enjoy killing time with casino classics when out of the house, and don’t mind having people around when you play, mobile casinos could be better. In fact, most people will actually use a combination of the two and choose which type is most suitable, depending on what they are doing at the time. 

Online casino gaming on the up 

With the global online gambling market projected to be worth $153bn by 2030, this way of having fun is obviously hugely popular. Key to this are the iGaming sites where we head to play games online – with mobile and desktop casinos leading the way. If you like to play games online and wonder which is best, the discussion here should provide food for thought. 

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