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Top Apps For Man

08 Jun 2023 News
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Mobile phones and tablets today are undoubtedly our life companions. They offer us a number of applications and services, without which it will already be difficult to do if you have managed to use them at least once. Most of us never leave home without our smartphones.

There are many handy and useful helper apps out there, so let's take a look at some of the best men's apps available on the App Store and Google Play in this article.



Minecraft is one of the best games for developing creativity. By mining and using various blocks, you can build anything you can imagine.


Tynker is an app that teaches programming in a playful way and is suitable for all ages. With it, you can create the first small game.


SeaPilot is an application that provides a user-friendly AIS navigation tool. Relevant for those who have a boat or trimaran for sale. This shipping app includes full navigation features. The app also includes real-time weather forecasts and routing, as well as automatic map data updates.

Programming Hero

An interesting application that uses gamification, with which you will learn or develop programming skills and be able to create your own game.


An application of a community of writers from all over the world, where you can draw a fresh portion of inspiration and share your own work.


A powerful application for everyone who loves to draw. SketchBook will allow you to create different images: from quick sketches to finished works of art.

MyRide – Motorcycle Routes

The app for motorcyclists allows you to track many parameters. In real time, the main screen displays speed, acceleration, altitude, angle of inclination and other information. Completed races are recorded in the log. There is a repair section. No problem, the app will help you with your honda motorcycle vin decoder. Are there social features? And social functions allow you to share the last route with friends.


Helps to analyze car parameters in real time, including indicators:

  • speed, temperature;
  • steering angle;
  • pressure;
  • other sensors.

In the application, you can draw graphs with incoming information. It is allowed to save, delete error encodings and related information. The report is sent to an email.

Couch to 5K

Couch to 5K is an app for beginners. It is designed for people who most of their lives did not get up from the couch. But suddenly they got the idea to run a five-kilometer cross-country. You need to devote half an hour to classes three times a week. And in nine weeks, with Couch to 5K, you'll be running like a true athlete.

The app offers a special training plan for beginners, calculates the distance you have run, and also allows you to listen to your favorite playlists while running.

Vi Trainer

Once installed, Vi Trainer prompts you to choose a goal - to lose weight, improve your run, or just keep fit. The program will tell you how best to train, adjusting to your physical parameters.

The more you run, the more efficient and effective workouts Vi Trainer will pick up.

This is of course not the whole list of applications for men. We share with you the most interesting.

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