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Effective Job Descriptions: How to Capture the Attention of Top Talent

30 Aug 2023 News
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Finding and recruiting highly skilled candidates is crucial for the success of any organization in today's competitive job market. In fact, many employers would rather keep a position vacant than hire the wrong candidate, as the cost of a bad hire exceeds the cost of leaving the position unfilled. With the current labor pool experiencing a shortage of critical talent in 79% of companies, this could result in a significant number of open positions. Attracting and recruiting top-tier talent can be a challenge, even in the most favorable circumstances. However, understanding the key elements of crafting the best job descriptions is the crucial starting point.

Main Steps To Take

A comprehensive job description should incorporate significant company information, such as the company's mission, culture, and available employee benefits. Additionally, it should specify the position's reporting structure and salary range. A well-crafted job description should offer sufficient details for candidates to assess their qualifications for the position.

According to an online survey, 52% of job seekers consider the quality of a job description to be highly influential in their decision to apply for a job. If you need some assistance with hiring the right candidates, you may use the services provided by Bridgeteams, a company with access to a large pool of talent. Around 94% of companies consider talent acquisition as crucial to their ability to carry out their business strategy effectively. In order to succeed, it is imperative for companies to embrace new approaches to attract and connect with job seekers. An easily overlooked yet effective strategy to find top-notch candidates is by creating enticing job listings that not only captivate candidates but also align with the needs of your organization and the job seekers.

Use a Suitable Title

When crafting a strong job description, it is crucial to create a highly specific job title. Using targeted job titles is far more impactful than generic ones, so it's important to include key phrases that accurately portray the role. According to a survey, 36% of job seekers who use job sites search for opportunities using specific job titles. To attract the right candidates, it is also advisable to avoid using internal jargon that may confuse potential applicants. Use straightforward and commonly understood terms, such as "junior" or "middle," when describing positions.

Provide a Summary

So, how to write a good job description? It is crucial to start with a compelling and captivating summary. This summary should give a brief overview of your company and clearly outline the expectations for the position. To capture the reader's attention, it is beneficial to highlight the unique aspects of your company. Remember, your job description serves as an introduction not only to the role you are hiring for but also to your company and its employer brand. Utilize this space to showcase your company culture and demonstrate why a potential candidate would be excited to work with you.

Focus on the Needs of Candidates

Job descriptions that merely list the skills and qualities an employer seeks may be causing them to overlook the most qualified candidates. Researchers have found that job descriptions that highlight the candidate's needs receive three times as many highly qualified applicants. If you wonder how to write effective job descriptions, instead of solely focusing on the employer's demands, it is advisable to highlight the benefits that the organization can offer to the candidate.

Inform the candidate about what qualities you seek without placing emphasis on the organization itself. Emphasize aspects such as potential for career growth, independence in work, and opportunities for professional development in your job descriptions. This will demonstrate to candidates that you are committed to investing in your employees, rather than simply seeking workers. As a result, both active and passive candidates will be drawn to apply for the position.

To attract top-quality candidates, it is highly recommended that companies include a salary range in their initial job postings whenever feasible. Nearly 70% of candidates either never or only occasionally encountered job descriptions that included salary information. By incorporating the salary band into your job description, you can distinguish yourself from other employers and entice the best-suited candidates. Furthermore, the best job descriptions ever include the top perks and benefits offered to candidates. This will allow them to understand what they stand to gain from the position.

Add Videos to Your Listings

Some organizations are missing out on the benefits of video despite the increasing trend in video consumption. 80% of recruiters have been using video interviews, however, you should pay attention to other use cases as well. You can enhance your job descriptions by incorporating videos that accompany current employees on a typical day in each position. Hear firsthand accounts of their experience working for your organization and the impact they make. 

If you're not quite ready for that level of commitment, consider including a video message from the CEO, videos showcasing your company culture, and hyperlinks to video tours in your job descriptions. These additions are sure to ignite excitement in prospective job seekers about the opportunity to work for your organization.

Leverage Social Media Platforms

Job seekers are actively searching for opportunities through various channels, including personal connections, job boards, company websites, and social media platforms. To maximize the effectiveness of your job descriptions, it is important to utilize different platforms and tailor your message accordingly. For instance, if you are promoting a new job opening at your company on Twitter, using appropriate hashtags will greatly enhance the visibility and reach of your post.

To optimize your job listings, regardless of the platform, it is crucial to incorporate relevant keywords that job seekers commonly use. When posting on job boards and your company page, tailor your job descriptions accordingly. Additionally, leverage LinkedIn's impactful groups and communities to promote your listings, rather than solely relying on your company page. By personalizing your job descriptions and adopting a diversified distribution strategy, you significantly improve your chances of capturing the attention of top-tier candidates in the places they actively search for employment opportunities.

In the past, simply posting a job description would yield a large number of applicants. However, job seekers nowadays are more discerning and desire more information before deciding to apply. By providing comprehensive details in the job description, you will attract high-quality candidates. Writing and publishing a well-crafted and successful job description for your vacant position may be difficult, but it is undoubtedly worthwhile. A job description serves as an effective way to promote your company and an opportunity to engage potential candidates.

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