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Key points about the game Path of Exile that may be useful for beginners

29 Sep 2023 News
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PoE is a project that appeared as inspiration after Diablo, but at the same time chose its own personal path and now has a wave of fans and its own separate influence on the development of the gaming industry and the project as a whole.

Path of Exile has its own league system - an analogue of the endgame in Diablo, but which is updated every three months and brings various scenarios and events to strengthen the hero. To get to the desired format, you need to go through all the acts and events. You can do this yourself, or order PoE boosting.

Heroes in Path of Exile

There are only 7 characters in PoE, but not all of them are available immediately.

For example, the character Noblewoman will be open to gameplay and a new game when you free her in one of the acts.

To immediately start playing on a new, complex hero without having to waste time on opening it, you can buy poe boost.

Main characters:

  • Savage - uses maces and hammers, as well as axes to deal physical damage.
  • The priest is an attacking magician, or a melee spellcaster using the power of the elements.
  • The Witch is an attacking magic class with high damage and the ability to accumulate an energy shield that will absorb most of the damage and will protect the caster for the entire duration.
  • The bandit is a trickster who wields daggers and claws, deals critical damage and applies bloodletting effects.
  • The Hunter is a master of agility who uses bow or sword builds of his choice to deliver quick melee or ranged attacks, using weak points to attack enemies with a critical effect.
  • Duelist - relies on swords, or axes, is a combination of strength and agility to deliver quick and painful attacks on opponents in any quantity.
  • The noblewoman is a universal character who can develop in absolutely any direction on the skill wheel. You can choose magic, shooting, quick attacks and any pleasant and convenient ways for you to farm and destroy monsters.

Skill tree

PoE only has a system of passive skills that heroes activate upon reaching levels.

All characters that are in Path of Exile are displayed in the main skill tree and develop in any direction from their starting point. This means that the order of learning passive skills is available to everyone, but they go through them in a different order depending on the current tension.

The only exception is the character Noblewoman, who is unlocked after completing acts and completing a quest to rescue her.

It is located exactly in the center of the skill tree, and you can initially choose any path of development and leveling up your characteristics.

Learning Active Skills

In PoE there are no active skills themselves and the ability to learn them by acquiring levels. You can quickly level up, or turn to the poe boost service, but this will not solve the issue with active skills.

The mechanics are that players will knock out special stones that have unique effects that can be inserted into weapons, armor, equipment, belts and jewelry.

This is the only way to have active skills, which in turn are subject to a number of restrictions.

For example, to use the element of fire you need a large number of intelligence parameters, and if you play as a Savage, then you simply cannot insert such a stone into your weapon or armor.

The mechanics work like this:

  • In the process of hunting and killing bosses, you will receive stones that can be inserted into heroes who meet all the requirements.
  • You need pieces of equipment and weapons that have the necessary sockets for inserting strengthening stones into them.
  • Sockets and gems have a connection with each other, which will provide additional parameters if they are followed.

There are active and auxiliary stones.

If you combine them together, you will activate the skill and immediately strengthen it.

For example, activating the Projectile skill, which inflicts damage with a ranged attack and immediately strengthens it by firing it not just once, but several times in a row.

Such combinations will greatly simplify your poe boosting and help you complete acts before moving to one of the current leagues of your choice.

Aura stones

This is a special type of stone that is inserted into sockets to give the player a certain permanent effect until the character cancels it, but in return takes away a portion of the maximum mana pool.

Often this is a strengthening of the main skill in terms of overall power - simply more damage, which reduces resource consumption and simplifies the development of the hero.

Starting a game of Path of Exile

To start the game, you only need to select your hero and your league, which launches for several months with special bonuses, but is updated with the characters completely reset.

You will be taught to knock out weapons for yourself and kill monsters, find skill stones and correctly insert them into sockets in order to get your first skills for completing chapters, acts and leagues - the only analogue will be the poe carry service, for accelerating completion of all stages.

Cities and travel between acts

Path of Exile has a system that is very similar to Diablo - you will find yourself in a city or settlement that is closely related to the act and complete tasks and open new teleportation points that will allow you to quickly return to a peaceful zone to regenerate and update equipment and weapons to more powerful ones.

Choose a leisurely format, or rush as fast as you can

Games like PoE focus on three areas - story, grind, and league progression.

If you pay attention to the plot and don’t rush through the acts, you can get into it and get stuck for several days just reading all the quests and sources of information.

If, on the contrary, you rush too much, then you can quickly get to the leagues and claim really valuable items and skill stones. The fastest way to do this is to buy poe boosting.

Grinding itself is a format that attracts many players who love mindlessly killing monsters and accumulating enhancing items and weapons that will allow them to continue farming monsters faster and better even at the end-game stage.

For successful grinding, you need any stone that allows you to inflict massive damage, otherwise farming may take a long time and if a large number of monsters accumulate, you may not be able to survive.

This could be magic, accelerated attacks from a bow, or swings with axes.

Combine support and buff stones to not only increase the power of your skill, but also provide a mass effect and an energy shield effect to protect against large groups of monsters.

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