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Apple wants an event this month for a new iPad design

04 Apr 2013 News
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According to Apple bloggers around the Internet, we might see Apple holding a new media event this month (April 2013) to release a new iPad. This new iPad would be a full-sized model (9.7” screen) but it would share some of the design characteristics from the iPad mini, such as a smaller bezel, especially on the left and right sizes of the screen. We can’t see it being very usable with such a thin bezel: some reviewers have criticized the iPad mini for its thin bezel leading to accidental presses on the side of the screen. Many critics imagine this problem will only be more problematic with a full sized iPad that might be used by multiple people at once.

The iPad mini has been a huge success for Apple and most analysts expect the iPad mini to outsell the full-sized iPad nearly 3:2 over the course of the year. In fact, shortly after release the iPad mini was definitely outselling the iPad by as much as 2:1. This may be because Apple fans who already owned an iPad were interested in the smaller device, but there certainly is demand for smaller, cheaper tablets.

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