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Reminder & Countdown free app review

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People tend to count months, weeks, days, hours and even seconds when something important of our lives is about to happen. Exactly for this purpose Reminder & Countdown free is made for. It is a handy real-time timer perfectly keeping track of every moment of our life! Anytime there is a great possibility to check out the status of dates and elapsed time - anything at all can be logged and the app will automatically notify you before or when the right moment happens. The app installs with some preset real-timers such as Valentine's Day, Christmas, Friday the 13, 3rd Monday of the month. Presetting of dates is comfy and demonstrates how can be tuned event counters. A new reminder is so easy to add. Tap “+”, type “event “name” and set a few options. All details of notifications can be customized as you wish to use icons, fonts, text color, backgrounds, duration, repetition, time format, notes, sounds and alerts. A generous list of items can be sorted by date, name, or you can arrange the list to your own liking. You could lose the event in the common list if only an intelligent search had not been provided for this app. But it has and you will find the event by first characters. Be sure the app lets you know when one of your events is happening by making sounds, alerts and popping up notifications. Touch a notification and the app opens the event or skip it tapping "Ok". Missed notice - App Icon Badge always show you the number of missed events, so check them out! A swipe from right to left allows you to delete any reminder. Reminder & Countdown free is complemented with excellent sharing options (can be shared event text or screenshot) via Twitter, Facebook, SMS, Email, Google +, iCloud and Instagram, too. The app contains a small banner of ads at the bottom of the screen, which work when the Internet is connected and do not interfere with the reminders or functionality of the app. If you want to be a master of your time Reminder & Countdown free has got you covered free with good functionality and fine performance.