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DIY app review: connect with others who share your passion



If you fancy yourself as somewhat of a DIY-type of person then how does the thought of connecting with others just like you sound? The DIY app is all about being able to share what it is you do and then meet others who share your passion and have an interest in what you're creating. As you learn skills yourself you'll be earning patches.

DIY App – Creative Community for Kids


Taking DIY to Another Level

This app offers over 80 skills that you can learn by viewing and meeting others who have skills to share. Give back by sharing your own skills. Some of the skills you can learn include backyard farmer, hardware hacker, skater, fashion designer, and gamer. This app follows the notion that you can do anything you put your mind to.

Launch the app and you are instantly taken to the main menu of available DIY projects to check out. Scroll through them all until you find one that captures your attention. Once you are into a project you can read comments, leave your own, and see how many likes the project has. There are some features that aren’t available unless you have an account. Once you have an account you can log in to access all the options.

Search DIY projects by skills if there is something in particular you’re looking for. Tap on any topic and then view all the DIY projects you can follow along with and try for yourself.

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The Design

This app is absolutely packed with information; in fact, there is so much that it comes off a bit busy and cluttered. I wish that there was an easier way to view and browse the information. For myself I find it best to look for projects by going through the topic/subject matter and then viewing all the projects.

I like that this app really encourages people to get creative, be unique, and share skills with others around the world. The app can be used by kids too, in order to find fabulous crafting ideas and projects. Some of the projects are really unique. I like that you can also give back to the community by leaving comments on projects you have tried or are thinking of trying. This is a way to make learning cool, fun, and hip.

The Design image

DIY App – Creative Community for Kids


Pros and Cons


  • Gives users a way to share their skills with others
  • Learn skills you might not find in other places
  • Comment on DIY projects and read comments from other users
  • Search for products by topic/category/subject


  • User interface comes off a bit busy and cluttered
  • You need an account in order to access all the features of the app

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Final Thoughts

Who said that education and learning has to center around textbooks and classes? The DIY app is all about giving people a unique, interactive, and creative way to learn new skills and show off some of their own skills and accomplishments. It’s a fun environment that is just bursting with information.

DIY App – Creative Community for Kids

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