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Blackjack 21 Pro app review: stack the deck in your favor and make a mint 2021



The card sharks amongst you are going to absolutely love this fast-paced, high stakes game of Blackjack app that will have you frantically chewing your nails trying to decide whether to hit or stand. Do you have the nerves of steel needed to become a Blackjack 21 Pro app champion?

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This is a fairly basic Blackjack for iPhone game, but I think the developer has done a great job of piecing together a version of this game which is fast and smooth enough to be entertaining but at just the right pace so that this pontoon app doesn’t feel rushed or sloppy.

Blackjack Pro: 21 Vegas Casino


Hit Me!

One thing that I quite liked upon first starting up this free blackjack app is the way that you’re presented with the Blackjack table almost immediately. This is a far cry from other similar games I’ve played where you have to go through the rigmarole of choosing game modes, difficulty levels, and all sorts of other nonsense.

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The animations are short and sharp which is something I also like, and there is a very useful Ask Dealer button at the top of the screen which enables you to get some advice from the dealer regarding whether you should stand, hit, or double down.

The chips come in increments of 5, 25, 100, and 500, and having started at a balance of $1,000 I’m already up to $6,060 within about five or ten minutes, so I think the dealer must be in a very good mood today. That, or Lady Luck is smiling down on me!

Hit Me! image

Learn All About Blackjack

If you’re a little stuck when it comes to how to get the most out of Blackjack 21 Pro and really enjoy it as much as possible, I’d suggest checking out the Master the Game section.

This provides a detailed explanation of the history of the game as well as the rules and terms, game variations, basic strategy, and an introduction to the concept of card counting.

There is also a separate Card Counting section which provides some detailed analysis of how many cards have been dealt, how many decks remain, the number of decks in shoe, and much more.

All in all, this is a pretty decent Blackjack game which I’ve enjoyed playing and reviewing far more than any other games within this genre. With this said, it should come as no surprise that I suggest you check it out whether you’re a gambling man or not!

Learn All About Blackjack image

Blackjack Pro: 21 Vegas Casino


Pros and Cons


  • Fast-paced, smooth game of Blackjack
  • Receive advice from the dealer
  • Learn the history and intricacies of Blackjack
  • Learn about the concept of card counting
  • Stylishly designed interface
  • Game Center integration


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

There isn’t much more to say about Blackjack 21 Pro other than that I want to wrap up this review so I can get back to bankrupting the dealer! This game is a whole heap of fun and definitely receives a heart recommendation from me.

Blackjack Pro: 21 Vegas Casino

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