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CoverMe app review: send secure text messages and make private phone calls 2021



We all have secrets to keep so if you’d like to send texts privately then the CoverMe app is the perfect phone calls app and texting app for encrypting your text messages and locking up personal notes and passwords to make sure your personal affairs remain secure. 

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Get a real phone number to hide your primary number for secret texting & calling. The CoverMe app provides numbers from various countries for your secure phone calls and texts, perfect for business, dating and more. In this cover me app review review you will find more about the features. 

This is a fantastic iPhone phone calls app in my opinion because it takes the basic functionality of data encryption and file vault apps but adds even more features in the form of contacts management and encrypted text messages to really usher in a new era of security for all you secretive people out there!

Read more about this good phone calls app for iPhone in our CoverMe app review below. Also, check out our best texting apps list for more great options. 

CoverMe Private Text & Call



When you first start using CoverMe - Private Texting & Secure Phone Calls with a Dot Lock Safe Vault to Hide Photos & Videos and Protect Secret Contacts, Encrypted SMS Text Messages, Documents, Personal Notes & Diary, Password Manager you’ll need to set up a passcode to keep your content secure.

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I wanted to mention this because there is no way to recover your passcode if you lose it so make sure it’s something you can easily remember!

Once you’ve set up an account you’ll be assigned a CoverMe ID which is what others can use to add you as a friend. You can also invite your friends to use CoverMe ID via Facebook, Twitter, text message and email, and there is a handy feature for searching your contacts to find friends who already use CoverMe.

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Keep it Under Wraps

The Vault section contains an impressive array of "compartments" where you can place your photos, videos, notes, diary, audio, and passwords. There is also a button for an in-app browser but at the moment this just brings up a message stating that this feature will be coming soon. I’m willing to wait a while!

One thing I think is very cool about this app is that you can send self-destructing messages to your friends very easily.  Enjoy the unlimited texting app with a real new number to keep your personal number private with the CoverMe app and send texts off the record. Make phone calls on a new line, with superior clarity to existing regular phone service.

Combine this with the high-level encryption and that you can rest assured that none of your more sensitive exchanges are being intercepted or glanced at by prying eyes. CoverMe even reverts to a screensaver slideshow when you leave it idol for a few moments!

There are numerous subscriptions options to meet anyone's budget. Recent updates also fixed small, but pesky bugs. 

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CoverMe Private Text & Call


Pros and Cons


  • Make free secure phone calls
  • Send self-destructing text messages
  • Keep all of your sensitive files and passwords in the Vault
  • Invite your friends via Facebook, Twitter, email, and text message


  • If you lose your password there is no way to retrieve it

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Final Words

CoverMe - Private Texting & Secure Phone Calls with a Dot Lock Safe Vault to Hide Photos & Videos and Protect Secret Contacts, Encrypted SMS Text Messages, Documents, Personal Notes & Diary, Password Manager is definitely one of the best free phone call apps of its kind that I’ve ever come across.

The Vault section alone makes this app worth checking out but when you factor in the secure calls, text messages, and contact management: forget about it!

CoverMe Private Text & Call

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