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Lists To-do app review: keep your life organized 2021



Do you find it hard to sometimes stay on top of all your tasks and projects, ending up overwhelmed and forgetting things?

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If so it's time to get the Lists To-do organziation app that allow you to organize your tasks, checklists, and to-dos in a user-friendly and quick manner. It might just be the top iPhone app for organizing your life. 

But, to see if it's truly one of the best organization apps for iPhone users, keep reading our Lists To Do app review below.

Lists To-do


Multi-Purpose Tool

When people think of to-do lists they think of adding your chores or errands. It's important to also think outside the box and think of all the ways a list can help you.

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Use it for your grocery list, homework assignment list, Christmas shopping ideas, work tasks, and anything else. Basically any idea that you wish to expand on can be represented in a list.

This app makes it possible to create lists or checklists, and has you manage your tasks quickly and easily. You don't feel bogged down by features and tools; instead, the focus is on keeping things simple so you can work on getting your tasks accomplished.

The user interface deserves a special mention as it is absolutely fantastic. It’s so easy to use, fun to use, and feels surprisingly like you are working with a pen and pencil. I even enjoy the fun sound effects as you add items, complete them, add icons, and so much more.

There are a fair amount of tools here but they are presented and organized well so things feel simple and comfortable to use.

Multi-Purpose Tool image

Customization Options

When it comes to creating your lists you can get creative here as there are seven themes to choose from. I like that you can also not only name your lists but also add a graphic/icon to the list as well (there are more than 100 to choose from).

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As you work through your tasks just tap on them and they will get a checkmark to show they have been completed. If you want you can delete your completed tasks right away.

You can also uncheck/check a whole list at once. Your checked items can appear at the bottom of your list to help you stay organized.

Additional features include being able to reorder your lists, sorts your lists, duplicate your lists, synchronize among your devices, and move items from one list to another. Another helpful tool is the ability to set as many reminders as you want per list so that nothing is missed.

Customization Options image

Lists To-do


Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful user interface
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Offers a great selection of useable features and tools
  • Creating, editing, and marking off lists is simple, fun, and quick
  • A number of options available that allow you to customize your list


  • Free only for a limited time

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Lists To-do app has to be one of my favorite list/task oriented apps that I have come across. It is wonderfully simple, responds quickly, and the user interface is fantastic.

Even as a paid app I find this one well worth the download and have no problem at all recommending it. This app is so versatile and flexible that I see it quickly becoming one of my most-used apps.

Lists To-do

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