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JPay app review: send money and emails through your mobile device 2021



If you have a friend or family member who is currently in a prison, you now have the ability to send emails and money to them straight from your mobile device with the JPay app. Not only can you send emails but you can even add photo attachments for inmates when you use this simple JPay for inmates app. 

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This financial payment app has all of your favorite JPay services – money transfer and email to prisons – now on the go in one handy tool. 

JPay email app allows you to send photo attachments and email multiple recipients. Find more about this app in our JPay app review below.  Check out our best money transfer apps list for more great options.



How it Works

With this app, you will be able to use your debit or credit card to send money and transfer funds to an inmate’s trust account. It is done immediately and because this is a mobile app you can do it at any time and from any place. The app offers you true flexibility and versatility. 

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With the updated Send Money service in jpay app for inmates, you can quickly transfer funds to inmate trust accounts with your credit or debit card. With the Jpay app you can send emails to multiple recipients.

Besides just sending money, you can also use the app to write and then receive emails from inmates. Keep in mind this service is only available with select prison facilities. When you send your email you can even attach photos.

Emails can be sent to multiple recipients. One comment I came across from another user was that they would like to see the option to set up a pre-stamped email to an inmate. This makes a lot of sense and seems like it would be a good feature to consider.

There are some customization features when it comes to sending money. You can add/edit/delete your payment methods quickly and easily.

This latest updates also included some security improvements and enhancements so you can feel safe sending money through the app.

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The Formalities

In order to use this app/service you will first need to set up a JPay account. This can be done by visiting Once you set up your account you are ready to start using the services.

When you first launch the app there is a pretty long user agreement to read through but because this app is being used to send/receive emails and send money it makes sense that there are security measures taken.

Once all the formalities have been taken care of you’re ready to begin. The main menu is incredibly simple: there aren’t many bells and whistles here and the user interface is basic and uncluttered. You literally have four options when you enter the app: money, email, video, or music.

The video visitation feature is only available in a small handful of states and in order to access it you must visit the website from a computer.

The JP4 mini-tablet and JPay credit purchases are still being set up to work through the app. Again the music program is only available in certain states and can be accessed on your desktop for now.

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Pros and Cons


  • A simple, quick, and convenient way to send money to inmates
  • Send emails along with photo attachments to an inmate
  • Send emails to multiple recipients


  • Requires an account to use any of the features
  • Not all features are available through the app

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Final Thoughts

For me, the JPay app feels like a good option for this specific niche. With a couple of the main features being available only through the desktop at this point the app still has more progress to make. It’s a solid start/introduction though.


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