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Drawing Desk app review: transform your device into a doodle pad-2021



Sometimes you just feel like doodling, drawing, and painting. Why get out all the art supplies when in fact you could transform your mobile device into a doodle pad? The Drawing Desk app allows you to do just that with a combination of three apps in one draw app package.

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25 Million users trust Drawing Desk app as their go-to platform to express creativity. Drawing Desk draw & paint art is full of content to jump start your creativity with its unique collection of tools.

In this drawing desk app review, we will take a look at a list of its most popular features and how the drawing desk app conquered over twenty millions trustful users throughout the years. Check out our drawing apps list for more great options.

Drawing Desk: Draw & Paint Art


Unexpected Fun

When using this app for the first time I went in expecting to be able to draw, paint, and doodle just as the developer promises. While that was true what I didn’t expect was how fun this app is to use. I started with the Sketch Desk app where I was able to doodle and use a variety of features, namely 13 different drawing tools, built-in brush editor, touch color picker, fully featured draw app Color Palette with Hex or RGB color input for quick color picking and speed sketching.

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Additionally, the shape kit and the ruler, also drawing desk draw & paint art Sketch Desk offers a full screen workspace along with convenient Layer support to add more depth and detail to a sketch, then it was time for the Kids Desk.

In this drawing desk app review you will find how to draw amazing sketches using the realistic drawing tools. This draw app is the perfect place for children to express their artistic side with the many features at their fingertips.

I think the Kids Desk is where this app truly shines. It may not be marketed as an app for kids but this section of the app is certainly appealing to younger and even older kids. Kids can use a variety of different drawing tools and different brush sizes/widths as well as all kinds of cool things like stickers, graphics, shapes and more. The whole time kids are creating while using this app there are sound effects and music to help make the atmosphere that much more light and enjoyable.

It doesn’t matter what section you use; there are eraser tools so anytime you want to edit your drawing go ahead and do so.

Unexpected Fun image

Additional Features

What about additional features in this app? Don't worry, there are tons. Work can be saved and shared by email, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also print your artwork from within the app, which is perfect for printing those masterpieces the kids make.

In the Sketch Desk section you can use a pencil, pen, or paint brush, while the Kids Desk features brushes. In the Sketch Desk lets you undo and then redo drawings, features a color pallet, and a rectangle, eclipse, and line tool.

It should be noted that not all features and tools are available in the free version. There are a number of in-app options that you can choose from starting at $0.99 and going up to $5.99.

As for the user interface I really like its simplistic and fun design approach. All the features are well laid-out and simple to understand so the focus is on your drawing rather than trying to figure out the app.

Additional Features image

Drawing Desk: Draw & Paint Art


Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly features and tools
  • Is three apps in one
  • Contains a Kids Desk which is meant just for kids
  • Save your drawings
  • Share drawings by email, Facebook, or Twitter
  • Print from within the app


  • Not all features/tools are offered for free

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

It’s time to get creative and the Drawing Desk app is a great way to do so. I appreciate all the tools and features offered many for free. The Kids Desk was especially impressive thanks to its fun approach, sound effects and music, and kid-friendly design.

Drawing Desk: Draw & Paint Art

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