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App in the Air app review: keep track of flight and airport schedules in real time 2021



If you’re looking to travel by air any time soon then you’ll definitely want to check out App in the Air. This flight tracking app for iPhone enables you to view flight and airport schedules in real time as well as offering handy to-do and packing lists so you can be sure you don’t leave the house without your toothbrush.

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I’m usually a complete mess when it comes to air travel, largely because I hate having to go through customs, but also because I constantly second-guess myself and quintuple-check that I’ve got passports, flight itineraries, and all manner of other knick knacks.

Track flights with this app and more. It really is easy to use and has been touted as one of the more reputable flight tracker apps for iPhone by users all over the App Store. 

Continue reading our App in the Air review to see if this is the best flight tracking app.

App in the Air


Track Flights in Real Time

When you first start using this app you’ll be prompted to add some details of whichever flight it is that you want to track.

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You can search for your flight by various criteria such as the airline, flight number, and the date of departure, or alternatively you can simply input the departure and arrival destinations and the date to be presented with a list of possible options.

You’ll be pleased to know that App in the Air - Live Track Flight and Airport also allows you to import flights using the Tripit service, so I’d definitely recommend trying that out if you’re looking to save a little extra time.

Track Flights in Real Time image

Create a Packing List

After finalizing your search results and selecting the correct flight, you can then access more of the integral features of this app, including a very handy list creation tool which you can use to ensure that you don’t forget any of your essential items.

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Far from being a simple flight tracker, App in the Air also enables you to check in from directly within the app, meaning you’ve got everything you need in a single app to save you endless amounts of time, hassle, and the worry that usually comes along with making sure you’ve covered all your bases.

All in all, I really am quite impressed with what the developer has managed to put together in this app, and I would definitely like to recommend it to any of you who even half as frantic as I tend to be whenever I travel by air. Go check it out and you’ll see what I mean!

Create a Packing List image

App in the Air


Pros and Cons


  • View flight and airport schedules in real time
  • Check in for your light from directly within the app
  • Create to-do and packing lists
  • Import flight details from Tripit
  • Share your flight and airplane details with friends online via Facebook and Twitter
  • View detailed statistics of your travels, including miles, airports, and countries you’ve traveled to


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

I’ll definitely be using App in the Air - Live Track Flight and Airport next time I fly as I just know it’ll make the whole experience so much smoother and less arduous, and I strongly advise you to do the same.

App in the Air

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