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City Birds app review: save colorful know-it-all birds from their impending doom by caging them up



This is a very, very fun game which involves dragging, swiping, and flicking your way across a city landscape as you try to rescue all manner of colorful birds. They think they’re flying away from captivity but little do they know, you’re actually rescuing them from certain doom!

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When I first saw this game the first thing I thought was that it was going to be some kind of second-rate Angry Birds clone, but I really couldn’t have been more mistaken!

City Birds - Birdcage Blowout!


Can You Save Them All?

The premise of this game is very simple. You will be presented with an automatically scrolling city landscape with birds of various colors flying across from left to right. Your job is to make sure they don’t hit the right-hand side of the screen because if they do, guess what: it’s game over for you!

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You can drag birds around to pull them back to the left of the screen but the main goal is to drag them into the cages which match the color of their feathers. You’ll also notice items floating around such as sticks of dynamite which must be dropped before they detonate, and gift boxes which you need to swipe or tap in order to receive bonus coins.


Whenever you successfully cage a bird you’ll earn some coins and these coins can be spent within the in-game store to access new birds which will earn you even more coins and help you progress further in the game.

Get the Most Bang for Your Beak

There are also sets of missions for you to complete which require you to perform various tasks such as saving a certain number of birds or traveling a certain distance, and each time you complete a set of missions you’ll be awarded a points multiplier so you can rack up even bigger high scores.

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When you save birds of the same color you can fill up your combo chain which gives you access to even more bonus coins, so you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on which birds you’re caging so that you can get the most bang for your beak…I mean buck!

Everything about this game is fantastic. It’s quite rare that I really love an iOS game but I can definitely see myself getting pretty hooked on this one for a while so, of course, City Birds receives a squawkingly strong recommendation from me.


City Birds - Birdcage Blowout!


Pros and Cons


  • Drag birds into cages to save them from their doom
  • Match up colored birds to gain score multipliers
  • Complete various missions to earn more points
  • Earn coins by saving birds and spend them on unlocking new types of birds



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app


Final Words

City Birds is absolutely squawksome and I’ll definitely be playing it for quite a while, so I would definitely recommend you do the same and you’ll see exactly what I’m twittering on about!


City Birds - Birdcage Blowout!

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