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Stage 32 app review: a social networking app for those in film and television programming 2021



Unlike attempting to get noticed on many other social networking settings where one can easily become lost amongst every Joe Schmoe looking for a receptionist job, Stage 32 movie industry app is streamlined and geared specifically to those who work in, or produce, film, television, and theater.

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Of course you must have a Stage 32 account to login to one of the more reputable movie director apps. My suggestion is to create your account before downloading one of the better iPhone movie maker apps.

You can create an account via the app’s interface but it is fairly clunky and difficult to place all the information you would like to present. Who knows, you might just end up connecting with other top movie makers in the industry.

Stage 32


Lights! Camera!...Uh-oh.

I’ve been an active user on Stage 32’s network for well over a year, and was extremely excited when they announced an app for the iPhone. Upon logging in I was immediately comfortable with the layout and controls.

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If you have used any other social networking apps (Facebook or Twitter, for example), the interface will have little-to-no learning curve.  

Immediately I began responding to connection requests, checking out discussions on film theory in the Lounge, and browsing the posts on the Members Feed. I could write a new wall post or take in the latest blogs from the Stage 32 writers.  

Then I thought I’d take a look at the mobile version of my profile. That’s when I noticed it.

Lights!  Camera!...Uh-oh.  image

Cast and Crew Needed

Now we are all aware that the majority of the social networking apps have been streamlined for performance and therefore some of the features are not available in the iOS format. Sadly this is exactly what makes Stage 32 suffer.

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Many of those things which make Stage 32 stand out as a place for industry workers to connect and promote their projects are non-existent in the mobile version.

You cannot post a photo, create an event, nor advertise a cast and crew call through the app at all.  Searching for other users is near impossible as you can only search by name or occupation. 

But the strangest thing is that you cannot edit or change anything in your profile through the app; in fact, the only way to view your profile on Stage 32 is to type your name in the Search field and select your profile that way.  

Cast and Crew Needed image

Stage 32


Pros and Cons


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Good for quick status updates


  • No way to change or update your profile
  • Cannot create or update an event
  • Searching for users is tedious  

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

As someone who is in the industry, I was hoping for a lot more with this app. If Stage 32 could expand and include what sets their social network apart from all the others to a mobile format, this app would be exceptional. Let’s hope this will change with subsequent updates.

Stage 32

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Matthew MacCallum

Matthew MacCallum is an award winning filmmaker, screenwriter, actor, and comedian. He is a lifelong Apple products user and has vowed never to seek help for his App addiction.