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Currency Converter app review: make conversions quick



If you plan on traveling outside your country then you will be dealing with a different currency. It can be confusing while you are shopping, out to eat, or booking a room if you aren't familiar with the value of the currency. The Currency Converter app means you can quickly view exchange rates in more than 180 currencies, which is sure to come in handy.

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Currency Converter


Don't Leave Home Without It

Before setting out on your vacation or business trip you will want to be sure you download this app. You are able to access OANDA Rates which are in fact used by auditing firms, corporations, financial institutions, and tax authorities. This means the rates can be trusted for accuracy. Each day the rates are filtered based on current information.

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All you have to do is type in the amount of money you wish to exchange and it is done instantly. You can use the Interbank rate or you can select a percentage add-on in your exchange. This is ideal to show you what you'll actually pay through your credit card company or bank.

To make things easier for you the app is able to store the last five currencies you used and you can also set it up to store your most-used currencies.


Simple and Quick

The user interface has been designed to be very simple. There are no extra features to clutter the screen; the app is all about converting currencies. I find that you don't even have to travel in order for this app to come in handy. Even if you are doing a little online shopping from international websites, this is a great way to quickly convert it to your currency to see exactly what you'd be paying. If you conduct business abroad on a regular basis, then a currency converter is a must-have tool for you.

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The conversions are literally instant so there is no standing around waiting. If you need an answer fast, you can find it here. I also appreciate that you can add on rates such as the typical ATM rate, the typical credit card rate, and the typical kiosk rate. This is a great way to give you a true sense of what something would in fact cost.

Your conversion results can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and by email.


Currency Converter


Pros and Cons


  • Simple, quick conversions using over 180 currencies
  • Pick your pairing and then enter in the amount you want to convert
  • Share conversions by social media and email
  • Allows you to add on standard percentage rates of banks, credit card companies, and more


  • There are no added features or bonuses in the app


Final Thoughts

As far as a basic, reliable, and quick tool goes, the Currency Converter app sails through with flying colors on all accounts. This is a bare-bones approach to converting amounts but I think that works in its favor so that it stays user-friendly. You can even share conversions which is a cool feature.


Currency Converter

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