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Costco app review: improve your shopping experience 2021



If you have a Costco membership and prefer Costco online shopping rather than going in person and standing in the long lines then check out this must have Costco app. 

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The Costco photo and groceries app aims to provide customers with up-to-date information and insight on products and services. 

Browse Costco online unique and expanded selection faster with the smooth costco app, which offers thousands of items not found at your local warehouse. Enjoy having items delivered straight to your door.

Keep reading our Costco app review for more details and, when finished, check out our best shopping apps list for more great options.



Monster Savings in Your Hand

Many of the benefits that the Costco app is based on are right there as soon as you launch the software. It installs into your Newsstand which helps eliminate clutter on your home screen.

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You can refill your prescriptions, upload photos to be developed, and find the closest Coscto store to your present location. It also provides multiple articles in regards to Costco's many products and services. 

Access your costco membership card from the home page of the app. Use your membership card to enter the warehouse and at checkout. Order metal prints, acrylic prints or costco photo mugs directly from the app. Have them delivered to your door or pick them up at select Costco locations.

Sadly that's where its use ends. When I first opened the app it was very buggy and crashed each and every time I wanted to view a new article or offer. The offers are abundant, yes, but the inability to access them is time-consuming and aggravating.

Sure, it's a good idea to have the ability to refill your prescriptions via your iPhone, but when the app consistently crashes I'd rather spend the extra 30 minutes at the Pharmacy counter than fight with a buggy app.

Monster Savings in Your Hand image

More Details About The App

Basically the app is just the Costco website streamlined into categories. It's great for refilling medications and uploading photos to be developed.

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The app will help you make your shopping experience easier, which is what I was really hoping for. All of the information on specials, or products, is found in one convenient location.

Recent updates provided users with a new home screen, new icon based menu, updated digital memberhsip card, fixed bugs and more. 

These updates have really made the Costco app a smooth, enjoyable shopping experience at home or on the go. 

Why Use the App When the Website Works Just Fine image



Pros and Cons


  • Articles for Costco products and services written specifically for the app
  • Ability to refill prescriptions via the app
  • Ability to upload photos to be developed
  • Can search for nearest Costco location


  • Most of the product links go directly to Costco's website
  • Doesn't really help to make the shopping experience any easier

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Despite some issues with bugs and glitches when using it, as an avid Costco shopper I really enjoyed the convenience of this app. I no longer have to use their website or go into a warehouse any longer. Now, I can do all of my Costco shopping right from my iPhone. 


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