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KATV Channel 7 Weather app review: beautifully presented weather forecasting in the palm of your hand-2020



Coming to you from the KATV Channel 7 studios is this comprehensive weather forecasting app which enables you to view extensive weather reporting across a seven-day time period, with the added bonus of animated radar map imagery for tracking moving weather fronts.

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It really is quite refreshing to finally see a weather app in the App Store that utilizes a less-common visual design and layout, and I say this because so many developments within this genre are essentially carbon copies of one another.

The weather app provides a uniquely attractive interface with loads of detail and a reliable degree of accuracy, so I would definitely recommend checking it out if you live in Arkansas and are in need of a decent weather app.

KATV Channel 7 Weather


Dependable Weather Forecasting

When you first start using KATV Channel 7 Weather it will automatically use your device’s integrated GPS in order to determine your current location so that you can immediately be presented with the weather conditions for your local area.

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The main Forecast section includes details of the current weather conditions with all of the usual information you’d expect from an app of this kind, including high and low temperatures, Feels Like temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, precipitation, visibility, and much more.

You can also view an hour-by-hour breakdown of today’s weather or a more general overview of the daily weather for the coming week. You can also save multiple locations into this app which is very handy for checking the weather on your daily commute before you leave the house each morning.

KATV weather app runs on devices with iOS 12.0 or later with support of up to iOS 14.0 and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It will need 118.3 MB of free memory space on your mobile device to download and install weather app.

Dependable Weather Forecasting image

Fantastic Amount of Detail

There are many, many other features contained within this app, including a direct stream of the Evening Weather Update from the KATV Channel 7 studios, and a direct feed from the WX blog so that you can get more of a personal touch in your weather reports.

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Furthermore, you’ll find a handy Severe Weather Map which and severe weather alerts which are very useful for staying one step ahead of any impending storms or hurricanes which may be heading in your direction or in the direction of your loved ones.

Beyond this, you’ll find loads of information for Weather Related Closings, Flood Alerts, and Regional Radars for the continental United States, so needless to say, this app should provide everything you need to make a daily assessment of the weather in your local area.

People around the world seem to enjoy KATV Channel 7 weather forecast app and its high resolution satellite cloud imagery. The KATV app currently has around one hundred customer ratings with an average rating of three point two out of five stars. Supported languages are English and Spanish

Fantastic Amount of Detail image

KATV Channel 7 Weather


Pros and Cons


  • Detailed weather forecasting across a variety of timeframes
  • Direct stream of the Evening Weather Update from the KATV Channel 7 studios
  • Direct feed from the WX Blog
  • Flood Alerts, Hurricane Center, and Weather Related Closings
  • Regional Radars for the continental United States
  • Severe Weather Map and alerts


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

There isn’t much more to say about KATV Channel 7 Weather other than to simply reiterate that it should provide you with more than enough reliable and accurate weather information to satisfy all of your forecasting needs.

KATV Channel 7 Weather

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