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MixOnMyRadio app review: professional style mixing



If you have dreams of being a DJ there is no need to keep on dreaming; instead, download the MixOnMyRadio app and create your very own radio program. The app allows you to use the music from your library combined with podcast programs so you can mix the way you want. This app is about letting your creativity run free and wild allowing you to create something really fun and special.

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Mix On


Mix the Two

With this app you will be able to mix podcasts with music. There are more than 50 podcasts that you can blend your with your music to create a unique and customized experience. The podcast categories you are given include comedy, sports, storytelling, arts, food, science, and health. If you don't want to mix music or you don't have music to mix you can just use the podcasts and create your own talk radio station, which can be just as fun.

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So where does your media come from? It comes from a number of sources that include NPR, CNN, and FoxNews. If you want to be able to use current music to mix in listen to the previews of the top 25 songs on the iTunes charts. If you come across a song you like you can purchase it.

Mix the Two image

Just Like the Real Thing

How cool is it to be able to dedicate songs to friends and family on the radio? Well the app gives you the same feature by letting you record an audio message in a song and then sent it to a friend. You can pick that favorite song you share or one that has special or fun meaning to your friend.

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Features in this app include a Jukebox where you can edit and create your personalized playlist, 17 radio buttons so you can program in all your albums/artists/playlists, free song dedication through Facebook (must have a Facebook account to use this feature), and 50 podcast programs that you can use as much as you want and as often as you want for free.

It's important to note you will be streaming online using this app and that this app has to run in the foreground if you want to mix podcasts with music. The user interface is very cool in that it is a throwback to the old style radios. It’s very retro, fun, and incredibly smooth to use. Music and podcasts load quickly and the sound quality is excellent.

Just Like the Real Thing image

Mix On


Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly design
  • Free unlimited access to 50 podcasts
  • Mix podcasts with your iTunes music
  • The app resembles a retro radio


  • This app can be tricky and confusing to use requires some getting used to

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The MixOnMyRadio app has lots of potential and can be a whole lot of fun to use. I really like the option to create and then share song dedications on Facebook so it feels like the real thing. I do see how this app can be a bit confusing the first few times you use it but it gets easier as you go along.

Mix On

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