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Dingtone app review: turn your iPhone into a walkie talkie and benefit from free calls and text messaging-2020


The Dingtone app lets you make unlimited free phone calls to anyone over WiFi, 3G/4G data network without using any cell minutes. Stop wasting money on calling and texting. Invite family members and friends to use the Dingtone free call app, and start saving money now. Find more features in this dingtone review. See our best phone call apps list


This app is sure to become your new way of communicating with the world. It offers free calls and free text messaging between you and your Facebook friends, and enables you instantly transform your iPhone into a walkie talkie so that you can simply tap a button to talk.

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There are quite a few apps available which offer free or low-cost calls, and Whatsapp has somewhat cornered the market on iPhone walkie talkie action, so the real question when reviewing a development of this kind is whether or not it offers something above and beyond the competition.

I would say that Dingtone can definitely hold its own in the greater context of social networking and communications apps, and being able to make calls to your Facebook friends free of charge is definitely an added bonus worth thinking about.

Dingtone - WiFi Calling & Text


Ding, Fries are Done!

At first glance, I would say that the greatest benefit of using Dingtone: Free Phone Calls, SMS Text Messages & Walkie Talkie Messenger with Cheap Calls or Free International Calling, Texting via Free VoIP, WiFi, Internet Call for iPod and iPhone would be that you can benefit from free, or at least reduced-cost, calls to international numbers.

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Given that so many apps are now offering this kind of functionality, let’s take a look at what else Dingtone can do to see if it is a worthy adversary to some of the bigger names in the business.  With Dingtone you can send low-cost international SMS to anyone in 230 countries and receive texts from any number all over the world. Save dingtone cost with cheap international texting rates to India, Brazil, Nepal, China, Thailand, Kuwait, Philippines, etc.

First off, you’re going to love the fact that you can make free calls or send free text messages to your Facebook friends, and I really like the way you can transform your voicemail messages into text so that you can read them if you happen to be in a noisy environment.

Ding, Fries are Done! image

Speak After the Tone

Simply being able to manage group calls free of charge makes this app a winner in my books, and the added bonus of being able to record calls and then forward the recordings via email is just the icing on the cake.

If you ask me, typing messages to your friends is, like, so 20th Century, so Dingtone helps you to get a little more with the times by utilizing push-to-talk walkie talkie functionality so that you can shoot messages back and forth with your friends without having to type a single word.

I would say that these features, coupled with the very streamlined interface design, make for a fantastic set of tools which is sure to at least somewhat change the way you communicate with your friends and family. I would definitely recommend checking Dingtone out to see what you think.

Speak After the Tone image

Dingtone - WiFi Calling & Text


Pros and Cons


  • Make free or reduced-cost calls to international numbers
  • Exchange free calls and text messages with your Facebook friends
  • Push-to-talk walkie talkie functionality makes text chatting thing of the past
  • Free of charge group calls
  • Record your calls and forward the recordings via email


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Dingtone: Free Phone Calls, SMS Text Messages & Walkie Talkie Messenger with Cheap Calls or Free International Calling, Texting via Free VoIP, WiFi, Internet Call for iPod and iPhone is a great app so it definitely receives a hearty recommendation from me.

Dingtone - WiFi Calling & Text

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