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GrabTaxi: Book a Taxi app review: always find a taxi 2021



This iPhone delivery app has been designed to help users quickly and easily locate a taxi in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

The best taxi apps for iPhone

This good delivery app for iPhone and iPad, which is featured on our list of the Best taxi apps for the iPhone, makes it possible for you to book a taxi, get an estimate on your cab fare so you won't have any surprises, and even get confirmation of your booking.

Never be without a taxi when you need one, thanks to this delivery app. Keep reading our GrabTaxi: Book a Taxi app review for more details.

Grab App


Ideal for Travelers

This app is really ideal for travelers visiting the regions of Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines, and Malaysia. You will probably be relying on taxis while visiting so you need to know you can find one where and when you need it.

The best taxi apps for iPad

There is nothing worse than wasting time waiting around while you try to locate a cab. Instead you can get out there and enjoy all the wonderful sights and sounds.

When you launch the app it is able to use your device's GPS to locate you and then give you a list of drivers/taxis available in the area. You don't even have to worry about typing in your location, which is again, ideal for travelers so you don't have to know exactly where you are! Just add in your destination and the search for a cab provides instant results.

Your results can be seen plotted on a map and keep in mind this app is in real-time which is incredibly handy. This gives you a way of locating the closest cab, which means the shortest wait for you.

Ideal for Travelers image

Not Without Negatives

Now it should be noted that just like any app, this one isn't without its negatives. Keep in mind that just because you can locate a number of taxis near you doesn't mean they will accept to pick you up. One user commented on this exact problem. This is why getting confirmation is important from the driver.

Best iphone and ipad apps

I was actually able to use this app to find taxis in my area, and I don't live in any of the areas mentioned, so clearly it works outside of the specified areas.

It instantly found pick up locations for me, asked me to input my drop off, and came back with the cab fare price, the distance, the ability to add notes for a drive, add in a tip, specify what time I wanted to be picked up, and the ability to book it. All of this information took seconds to gather, leaving me incredibly impressed with the ease of use.

Not Without Negatives image

Grab App


Pros and Cons


  • Very user-friendly
  • Automatically detects your current location for pick up
  • Manually input your pick up instead if it’s different than your current location
  • Input your drop off
  • View a list of cabs in your area and book straight through the app


  • There is no guarantee that any will actually be available to pick you up, which is why confirmation is important

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The GrabTaxi app is a user-friendly way to quickly find a cab whenever you need it. I am left very impressed with the speed of this app and just how easy it is to use.

Grab App

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