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Paperless Post app review: personalized invitations and greeting cards mailbox 2021



Have you created a greeting card or an invitation to your event using Paperless Post? Well now you can check in on the RSVPs on your iPhone anytime you like using Paperless Post's exclusive greeting cards app.

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Whether you are away from your computer, or just too lazy to login into Paperless Post, the ability of this iPhone greeting cards app to view your event or to respond to your friends invitations are now with you anytime you want.

Is this one of the best greeting cards apps for iPhone and iPad? Keep reading our Paperless Post app review to find out.

Paperless Post Invitations


Please RSVP

The Paperless Post app is essentially a glorified mail box that allows you to view your sent greeting cards and event invitation that were created using the Paperless Post website. You can also view and respond to any cards or invitations you've received from friends and loved ones.

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The interface for Paperless Post is extremely basic and easy to use. You have two options: view the cards and invites you've sent and respond to those you've received. Each is just a one-tap option. It's a good way to be organized on the go, but other than that, the features are severely lacking.

Please RSVP image

More Options Equals More Users

The downside to the Paperless Post is the fact you can't create a greeting card or invitation via the app. I spoke to a few friends who use Paperless Post and not a single one who has downloaded their app has kept it.

I can see why, if Paperless Post is already updating me with emails that someone is coming to my event or received me card why do I need an app?

Sure I can view my sent Paperless Post creations, or see who's invited me to an event, or who has confirmed coming to mine, but if I'm already getting this information in my personal email inbox the whole idea of the app is moot.

Now if I had the ability to create an invite or a card, I could definitely see the benefit of the app. But as of right now all it seems to do is take up space on my device.

This app undergoes regular updates to fix all bugs and to enhance the overall user experience.

More Options Equals More Users image

Paperless Post Invitations


Pros and Cons


  • You can view RSVPs to your created events
  • View any invitations you have received
  • View all the invites or cards you have sent


  • Cannot create new cards or event invites in the app
  • Paperless Post already sends you the information, via email, that the app keeps track of
  • Offers nothing new and just takes up space on your device

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

If Paperless Post added a few more features to this app, it would definitely be a good compliment to the web service. But by just being an Inbox disguised as an app it really serves no purpose.

Hopefully an update by the developers will change this, and then the app will be worth your time. But for now, unless you feel you really need it, avoid the Paperless Post app and perhaps use that space on your device to download a song you want to play at your event.

Paperless Post Invitations

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