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Kids Puzzles Puzzingo app review: a great digital version of the puzzles we all grew up with-2021



Remember the wooden puzzles we all had growing up, the ones that had our ABCs, farm animals, and food photos on them? The kids puzzles app takes our childhood memories and updates them for the digital generation.

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Kids, toddlers, and babies would love the Puzzingo app. This app for kids has many puzzles full of interactivity, animations, and sounds for repeat learning and play.

Just be warned: you may have trouble getting your iPhone or iPad back from your child once they start playing this puzzles for kids app. Check out our best kids games list for more great options.

Kids Puzzles Games Puzzingo


Learn Shapes, Numbers, and More

If you have young children, chances are they are already addicted to the bright colors on your iPhone and iPad, and want nothing more than to play with it themselves. Kids Puzzles Puzzingo provides youngsters their very own app that is both fun to play and educational. 

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Based on the wooden puzzles we all grew up with, Kids Puzzles is a fun way for kids to learn all their shapes, colors, and numbers. The interface is very helpful for little ones to get started, and the clown host asks you to "shake" the wrapped present on the right side of the screen.

This is accomplished by your child rubbing a finger back and forth over the present much like a lotto scratch ticket. The present will explode and release a puzzle piece. Just drag that piece to the matching black outline on the main screen to open the first level.

The opening screen is a picnic; once again, you are prompted to open another present and provided new pieces to the puzzle which include plates, food, and cutlery. Your child just matches each piece with the corresponding black shape. Once you complete the puzzle it launches into a fun mini-game where you swipe the food you've revealed into the clown's mouth.

Learn Shapes, Numbers, and More  image

It's All About Fun

Kids Puzzles Puzzingo is completely free, and it's astounding how far the developers have gone to get the most value for kids out of this app. There are almost 20 levels, each specific with pieces and mini-games geared to the puzzle's environment.

The kids puzzle app supports learning in many languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and UK English. Puzzles for kids well suited for bilingual parents looking for tools to help kids reinforce a second language.

Children will definitely get the most out of this app as the fun factor completely masks the fact that they are learning. Not only are they learning what the app is teaching them, but also they are learning the finer points of how the iOS interface works. Now this may not seem like a big deal, but if you've ever had your child aggressively shake or hit your device you know how beneficial this can be.


Kids Puzzles Games Puzzingo


Pros and Cons


  • Kids Puzzles Puzzingo is completely free
  • A really fun way for kids to learn shapes, numbers, and letters
  • Teaches kids how to use the iOS interface
  • A number of levels and mini-games so your child won't get bored with the app


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Kids Puzzles Puzzingo is a great app for young kids who are fascinated by your device and want to try it out. It has a simple learning curve, and will definitely keep them amused and learning new things for hours. If you have a young child this is a great app for him or her. It's fun, educational, and geared specifically for kids.

Kids Puzzles Games Puzzingo

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