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Ride ID app review: a cyclist's emergency tool



If you are a cyclist then it's always important to think ahead about what you would do should the unexpected happen. The Ride ID app is meant to be a tool that is used as an ICE (in case of emergency). Use the rideid app to store all your emergency contact details and your medical information so should it be needed and you are unable to give it, emergency responders can gain access to it.

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Continue reading our ride id review for more details on what this app offers. When you are done with the rideid review, head over to our best of lists for more great options. 

Ride ID


A Possible Life Saver

We never seem to think of those emergency situations; we think "not to me," yet the fact is they do happen from time to time. Having the right information on-hand for emergency responders can literally save your life if you have any medical conditions they need to be aware of. This may include an allergy or other issue.

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What this app does is allow you to relax and know that even if you are unable to voice your medical issues they will be seen and recognized thanks to the fact that your information is all displayed on the lock screen of your device. Because it's on the lock screen it is immediately visible to emergency responders.

While this is app is relatively simple, it’s not like it performs any special function or feature; the fact is that if it is ever needed it may just be the best app you’ve ever downloaded.

A Possible Life Saver image

Setting Up Your Information

As for setting up and inputting your information, it takes mere minutes to do. You will be able to store two contact numbers and make note of their relationship to you. Individual details that you will be able to add include your name, date of birth, gender, blood type, and any pre-existing medical conditions.

Just to make the app a little more fun to use there are a couple of customization features such as the ability to set your wallpaper. Go ahead and pick any of your pictures from your Camera Roll, or you can pick from the “wallpaper friendly version” that the app supplies. If your emergency contact needs to be called you can reach them by tapping on the telephone icon.

There is nothing flashy or fancy about this app. It performs one simple yet important function and that’s it.

Ride ID


Pros and Cons


  • Very user-friendly
  • The ability to add two emergency contacts with their name, phone number, and relationship to you
  • Add your own personal details, which includes your name, DOB, blood type, medical conditions, and more
  • Smooth and simple user interface
  • Information is displayed on your device’s lock screen


  • Some people may find the app too simple in nature

Final Thoughts

The Ride ID app is one of those you download and hopefully never have to think about nor use again. The point is to have it on hand just in case. It is quick to set up and input the information and after that you don’t have to worry about it again.

Ride ID

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