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Roxie's Puzzle Adventure app review: the beautiful illustrations of Roxie Munro finally available as a jigsaw puzzle-2021



Jigsaw puzzles are an excellent tool for improving problem solving, fine motor development, and hand-eye coordination. With this brain teaser app at your disposal you’ll be able to help your children enhance their motor skills with ease while they have fun every step of the way.

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I’m not nearly as into jigsaw puzzles as I used to be, but it’s always great to see a fresh logic app in this genre, and Roxie’s Puzzle Adventure is definitely a worthy addition.

The gigantic maze from the "Roxie's a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure" iOS game has been converted into 16 different puzzles, each of which can be played with varying levels of difficulty, so there is sure to be a challenge in here to suit all ages and all levels of jigsaw puzzle experience.

This brain puzzle app for iPhone is also compatible with the iPad. Let's explore this jigsaw game further in our brain puzzle app review. 

Roxie's Puzzle Adventure


Find the Corners First!

When you first start playing Roxie's Puzzle Adventure, you’ll be prompted to create a user profile by inputting your name and selecting which color you’d like for your your car. You’ll use this car to navigate the massive map as you complete puzzles and unlock more areas, so pick one you like!

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The interface features a very striking hand-illustrated visual design which I absolutely love, and I particularly like the way it features little animated flourishes as I think this speaks volumes about the amount of passion and creativity that have gone into this game.

When you begin there will only be one area of the map available, with the rest being obscured by clouds. When you select an area you’ll be prompted to adjust the difficulty by selecting the number of pieces it will be split into, as well as whether or not the pieces can be rotated.

Find the Corners First! image

Illustrated by the Talented Roxie Munro

The great thing about this is that you can create jigsaw puzzles with as few as six pieces, and as many as 260 pieces, so whether you’re six, sixteen, or sixty-six years old, you’re definitely going to be able to challenge yourself appropriately.

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Once you begin the puzzle, you’ll be presented with a blank white sheet spread across a wooden decking background, with the puzzle pieces strewn around the outside. You can zoom in and out and pan around to find the pieces you’re looking for, so make sure you start with the corners first!

I absolutely love the presentation of this app, and with the brain-stimulating music playing in the background and the brilliant way in which the puzzles are laid out, this is almost definitely the best jigsaw puzzle game that I’ve had the pleasure of playing!

Illustrated by the Talented Roxie Munro image

Roxie's Puzzle Adventure


Pros and Cons


  • Access more than 16 unique puzzles with varying difficulty levels
  • Adjust puzzles from six pieces all the way up to 260 pieces
  • Suitable for kids and adults alike
  • Beautifully presented with illustrations by the incredibly talented Roxie Munro


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Roxie's Puzzle Adventure looks great and is going to provide you with hours of fun so I strongly urge you to go check it out today!

Roxie's Puzzle Adventure

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