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Rosetta Course app review: take your Rosetta Stone courses with you 2021



Rosetta Stone is the most widely used language lesson program in the world, and now developers have given us the Rosetta Course laguages app. Even if you aren't presently using Rosetta Stone, this iPhone languages app will allow you to try out the course in any number of languages for free.

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That right, I said FREE! Now keep in mind you won't get the full course load, but you will get the first unit of Rosetta Stone's award-winning course in the language of your choice just for downloading the app.

Continue reading our Rosetta Course app review to see why this is one of the best iPhone apps for learning languages. 

Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages


I Like Chinese

I was extremely excited to review the Rosetta Course app because I've been toying the idea of learning Mandarin for the last year. Upon launching the app the interface immediately jumped out at me. Choose the language you want to learn from the list provided and Rosetta Course will start the first lesson for you.

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The various sections of the course which starts with the Core lesson provides the time it takes for each section. This company is known for its comprehensive and in-depth teaching method and Rosetta Course continues this with lessons in Pronunciation, Grammar, Reading, and more.

I Like Chinese image

Learn at Your Own Speed

The beauty of Rosetta Course is it employs your speakers and microphones. The voice recognition is impeccable and breaks it down to the syllable and/or sound you are having trouble with.

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I was taken completely aback by how well it worked the first time I tried it. It operates better than any translation or language teaching app I have used to date.

The ability to have this app with you at all times makes learning a new language so much easier. You are no longer locked to devoting a specific time to sit in front of your computer and work with the Rosetta Stone software, Rosetta Course has all of the software's benefits with you at all time.

Learn at Your Own Speed image

Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages


Pros and Cons


  • All the benefits of Rosetta Stone's software on your iOS device
  • Great sound and voice recognition
  • The first core lesson from many languages is free with the app download
  • The ability to learn more than one language at a time


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

We have all heard the benefits of Rosetta Stone, and if you're looking to learn a new language there is no better course than the ones the Rosetta Stone developers have put together. Now that the Rosetta Course app has been released you now have a new way to reap the benefits of the award-winning courses.

I can't express enough all the benefits of this app. This is a must-have for anyone out there looking to expand their knowledge of a different language. 

Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages

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