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Free Grocery List Ease app review: create convenient grocery lists and earn awesome coupon rewards-2021



If you ever find yourself running out of various household products and food items, only to have you and your spouse replace them and end up with more than you need, then this shopping list app should provide a great deal of help when it comes to saving both time and money at the grocery store.

The best grocery list apps for iPhone and iPad

There are tons of different grocery list apps in the App Store and it can sometimes be hard to tell them apart, but I think that the Free Grocery List app is a decent enough development to stand out from the crowd to a certain extent.

This grocery shopping app is a simple, powerful and free grocery app for your iDevice. Never forget a grocery item again. Check out our best grocery list apps list for more options.

Shopping List Ease - Grocery


Create Shopping Lists... With Ease!

When you first start up Free Grocery List Ease - Shopping List + Coupons, you’ll be guided through a brief tutorial which very clearly explains the layout and various features of the app so that you’ll know exactly what you need to do once you get into the meat of the interface.

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The functionality of this app is actually very nicely designed, providing a simple solution for adding items to your lists by either tapping the plus icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen, or the barcode icon beside it so that you can manually scan items in.

You can also drag items around to rearrange your lists, and I think this is a very handy little feature which is simple enough but will save you time in the grocery store by making sure you don’t have to double back on yourself and revisit certain aisles.

Create Shopping Lists... With Ease! image

Create a Pantry Inventory

In addition to creating grocery lists, you can also make a Pantry Inventory in order to keep a running check of everything you’ve got in your kitchen cupboards and refrigerator.  

This list can also be shared via email, enabling you to easily remain synchronized with other members of your household to ensure that there are no more arguments over who polished off the last of the milk and whose job it is to replace it!

Get list reminders by the grocery app when you walk into a grocery store. Manage multiple shopping lists –flip between grocery and pantry lists in seconds with the help of this shopping list app.

Create a Pantry Inventory image

Shopping List Ease - Grocery


Pros and Cons


  • Create multiple shopping lists with the option of using a handy barcode scanner to add items
  • View special offers and coupons to save money as well as time at the grocery store
  • Share your shopping lists with your family online via email
  • Works in conjunction with two other free money saving apps to provide even more coupons and special deals
  • Quick and easy login by using a Facebook account


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Free Grocery List Ease - Shopping List + Coupons is ideal for double income families where one of you is almost always out of the house during the daytime and it is sometimes difficult to stay in sync with one another.

This app is incredibly easy to use, and at the very least could save you a pretty penny with the coupons that are on offer, so I would definitely recommend taking a look to see what you think.

Shopping List Ease - Grocery

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