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Baby Names!! app review: providing plenty of suggestions 2021



Think of the Baby Names!! app as an encyclopedia of names; it provides you with more than 30,000 names! You will find male and female names plus the name's origin, meaning, and pronunciation.

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The information, found in this baby names app for iPhone, can be used to help you find that absolutely perfect name for your bundle of joy.

This baby name suggestions app boasts a laundry list of features and tools so the question is, does it live up to its self-claimed hype?

Let’s take a closer look at what this baby naming app for iPhone has to offer as we dive deeper in our Baby Names app review. 

Baby Names‼


How to Stand Out from the Pack

When you're looking for an app to provide you with baby name suggestions it's important to know that not all of them will offer information such as the origin and meaning of the name. Some apps are nothing more than a database of names, so it really depends how much information you want on each individual name which app will end up right for you.

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Now this app has a feature list that reads much like a grocery list; it goes on and on. You will be able to view the name's meaning, gender, origin, and pronunciation. As well you can view the popularity of names through the years going all the way back to 1880, which is fun in itself.

View a map that shows a name's origin, search for specific names, and save your favorite ones. Yes you can share names and even save/rate names.

So with all of these features why does it get such a consistently low customer user rating?

How to Stand Out from the Pack image

Great When it Works

This app is great when it works but unfortunately it seems that it's not exactly reliable in that sense. There seem to be some major stability issues with the app that leads it to crash often. Another feature that users are less than impressed with is the fact it sends recommended baby names at some rather unwelcome times such as early in the morning.

I have now played with the app quite a bit and I must say I agree with users on a couple of their points. The app has crashed on me and been rather slow, which gets really frustrating really quickly.

Now as for being sent name suggestions you can actually turn this feature off completely or set the interval and times you want to receive these notifications. I do really enjoy the information you can find in here and I appreciate that so much information is free whereas other apps in this category tend to charge for all this info.

Great When it Works image

Baby Names‼


Pros and Cons


  • A huge database of boy and girl names
  • Search for specific names or browse through them all
  • View specifics such as origin and meaning of names
  • Save your favorites
  • Share names by email and Facebook


  • There are some stability issues with the app
  • Information is sometimes very slow to load

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The Baby Names!! App can certainly provide you with a large number of suggestions complete with meaning and origin. Hopefully the developer will be able to work on the stability issues making the app an even better option.

Baby Names‼

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