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Untappd app review: a beer lover's network



Imagine a place where you could get together with beer lovers just like yourself and talk about the different brews, what's trending, and what others are drinking. Well such a place does exist as a social network when you download the Untappd app. This app is a beer lover's dream network and will provide you with all kind of cool features and tools.

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Untappd - Discover Beer


The Place to Be

In order for a social network to be successful it has to have a cool vibe about it, offer wanted and needed information, and be fun. It has to create a buzz so that people will want to check it out and be a part of the action. So how does the Untappd app manage to do in this regard? Not too bad at all; in fact, it's got a whole lot going for it.

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The goal of this app is to provide users with a place to discover bars near where you are and discover some fabulous beers. This is achieved through personalized beer recommendations made just for you by taking a look at what you and your friends like to drink. You also have the ability to read and post reviews, ratings, and photos of your favorite beers. It’s like walking around with your own little beer connoisseur who is able to guide you in all the right directions.


Feature Packed

This app can offer you more than just reviews and ratings on beers; it can also help you find a bar nearby, check out where your friends are currently enjoying a beer so you can join them, and make your own beer wish list. Share all your beer activities on Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. You can even include photos. The app definitely has that “cool vibe” going for it.

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When you launch it you will need to sign in with an account or through Facebook. I picked the Facebook option thinking I would be able to by-pass a sign up process, which wasn’t the case. You will still need to create an account.

Unfortunately after going to the trouble of setting up an account there was no activity at all near me, which is a bummer. Hopefully this isn’t the case in all cities/towns. Users seem a bit mixed on this app, reporting quite a few bugs and issues navigating. I didn’t so much have problems there but I found the pages very slow to load.


Untappd - Discover Beer


Pros and Cons


  • Use this app to find bars near you
  • Find out what people are drinking and discover new beers
  • Read and post reviews, ratings, and photos of beer
  • Find out where your friends are currently drinking so you can meet up



  • The app responds very slowly
  • There isn’t necessarily information for your city/town
  • There seems to be some issues with navigating the app; it’s not user-friendly


Final Thoughts

The Untappd app is one that has a really cool premise but it just seems like the follow-through needs a bit more polishing.


Untappd - Discover Beer

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