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Camera Plus app review: switch between capturing and editing with one tap and share easily for the world to see



Delivering a selection of high-quality focus modes, automatic fixing of photos as you shoot them, and the ability to activate Camera Mode from anywhere by shaking your iPhone, Camera Plus is sure to enrich your photography experiences more than you ever imagined possible.

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From the moment I first started up this app, I knew I was going to be in for a treat. I’m really glad that I got to review it because it has definitely proven to be a privilege and a pleasure.

Camera Plus: Frame The Moments


Camera Functionality Done Right

When you first start using Camera Plus you’ll be given a brief introduction-slash-tutorial which provides a basic outline of a few of the features and ends with the requirement that you shake your iPhone in order to activate the Camera Mode and begin snapping pictures.

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Assuming you’d like to jump straight into the action and start finding out what this bad boy is capable of, I’d recommend pointing your device at whatever or whomever you’d like to shoot, as this will bring up the focus circle on the screen.

You’ll notice a plus icon to the right of the focus circle. Tapping this enables you to change between the following three settings:

  • Macro – Ideal for capturing fine details on close-ups and small objects
  • Normal – Suitable for standard, everyday use
  • Far – Perfect for catching every last detail on landscapes and group photos


Spectacular Shooting Modes

The Lumy bar running up the right-hand side of the screen also enables you to adjust the brightness of your shot in real-time before you take it. I think this is a fantastic little addition to the app as it provides a fairly decent way of avoiding overexposure when the sun is high or you’re in a brightly-lit room.

What’s more, tapping the wheel icon next to the main shutter button at the bottom of the Camera Mode interface will give you access to even more features. Within this menu are options for being able to snap a photo by tapping the frame rather the shutter button, as well as a camera timer, image stabilizer, and the ability to add location data to your photos by using your device’s integrated GPS.


Camera Plus: Frame The Moments


Pros and Cons


  • The camera app that the iOS Camera widget wishes it was!
  • Choose from three different focus modes depending on your distance from your subject
  • Take shots in bursts or set a countdown timer so you can get in the frame
  • Adjust the brightness of your shots in real-time before shooting
  • Add location data to your photos by using your device’s integrated GPS



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app


Final Words

Camera Plus is definitely one of the best apps I’ve come across in the Photo & Video category of the App Store, so it receives a very well-earned recommendation from me.


Camera Plus: Frame The Moments

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