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Bubble School Adventure vol 1 app review: providing an introduction to letters



If you have a baby or young child who is ready for an introduction to letters then the Bubble School Adventure vol 1 app can be a great and fun place to start. Really when it comes to being introduced to the alphabet you can't start too soon. The app is presented in a way that it contains a number of mini-games so kids can learn in a fun and engaging way. By offering the information in an engaging way they are much more likely to absorb and learn from it.

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Toddler kids games - Preschool learning games free


Helping You Tackle the Process

Helping your child to learn and recognize the letters in the alphabet can be a bit of a daunting experience, especially if it’s your first child. This app offers parents 220 interactive flash cards that feature common first words and there are 10 different learning categories. Each category has three game modes to learn from. Categories that are provided are colors, shapes, letters, toys, numbers, animals, vegetables, and fruits.

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Unfortunately because this is a free version of the app you are only given one of the categories for free, which is uppercase letters. Of course this is a wonderful place to start and is still well-worth playing with and having fun with your child. To unlock all the categories is $1.99, which seems incredibly reasonable considering how much you are given for that price.

This app is definitely intended for babies and young children, I’d say past the age of four the information is just too young for them and likely they are ready for more of a challenge by that point.



As for the gameplay it’s very obvious the user interface was built specifically for children as everything here is child-friendly. There are cute graphics, animations, fun music, and the instructions are spoken and easy to follow. The atmosphere has been created to feel fun rather than stressful with time limits and a set amount of tries before you “lose” a game. Kids are encouraged and congratulated throughout the games instilling confidence in them.

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Each category offers the game modes of explore, learn, and play. Each category focuses on something unique but still ties the same lessons in together. There is a hints option available in the Let's Play mode in order to help kids out. If your child finds the music distracting, it can be turned off in the options.


Toddler kids games - Preschool learning games free


Pros and Cons


  • Kid-friendly gameplay
  • Teachers kids about a variety of categories
  • Fun graphics, animations, and music to keep kids interested
  • Instructions are spoken and easy to understand



  • Not all the categories are offered for free
  • The information seems a bit young for a preschooler, one of the recommended age groups from the developer


Final Words

The Bubble School Adventure vol 1 app is a cute and enjoyable way for kids to start to learn about letters, numbers, and plenty more. Everything here is kid-friendly and the experience overall is really fun and positive.


Toddler kids games - Preschool learning games free

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