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Sales Tax Calculator FREE app review: streamline and optimize your finances 2021



If you’ve ever found yourself standing around in a store, unsure of exactly how much an item is going to cost you, or it's time to balance your books and you need a convenient point of reference for tax calculations, this budgeting app is going to provide exactly what you need to get the job done!

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This is the free version of the iPhone budgeting app so the functionality is quite minimal, aiming instead to provide a basic overview of the kind of features available so that you can see what you think before upgrading to the full version via in-app purchase.

Continue reading our Sales Tax Calculator FREE app review to learn more about this top iPhone budgeting app.

Sales Tax Calculator - Tax Me


Convenient Tax Calculator

When you first begin using Sales Tax Calculator FREE - Tax Me - Shopping Finance Helper, you’ll be prompted to start by naming and specifying a given tax rate.

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I’m a little disappointed to see that there aren’t any preset tax rates included. I would have expected to at least find the rates for each state within the U.S. but alas, you’ll just have to run a few Google searches if you’re in doubt.

Once you’ve inputted your chosen tax rate and given it a name, you’ll then be taken to the in-app calculator. This is where you can perform some basic arithmetic to calculate the cost of a product or service before finally hitting the Tax Me! button to see the total amount you’re due to pay.

Convenient Tax Calculator image

Perfect for the Less-Than-Numerate

Each tax rate you create can also be saved within the app, which is very handy for future reference as you can simply tap the Load button at the top of the screen and see a list of all the various tax rates that apply to your finances.

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So if you need separate tax rates for store purchases, credit card repayments, insurance premiums, and anything else, you’re sure to be able to create an entry for every different percentile rate to really improve the efficiency with which you calculate your budgets for the month.

Perfect for the Less-Than-Numerate image

Sales Tax Calculator - Tax Me


Pros and Cons


  • Create and name your own tax rates to streamline your bookkeeping
  • Save multiple tax rates within the app for easy future reference
  • Share the app with your friends online via Facebook, Twitter, email, and text message


  • There are no preset state tax rates included

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Sales Tax Calculator FREE - Tax Me - Shopping Finance Helper is far from being the most comprehensive of free tax calculator apps, but it does have a nice clean interface which makes it very easy to use.

Because of the lack of preset tax rates, I would say that if you’re already a dab hand with a calculator and know how to quickly calculate percentages, this app is probably going to be quite redundant for you.

Sales Tax Calculator - Tax Me

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