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QuizUp app review: test your knowledge



When it comes to trivia and facts do you see yourself as somewhat of an expert? If so, then it's time to try your skills with the QuizUp app. Here you can take part in a real-time trivia game that is happening with players around the world as you try to prove you've got what it takes. There are 250 topics to test your knowledge with more than 150,000 questions.

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Casual Gameplay

This app is ideal for casual gameplay but at the same time don't be surprised to find yourself playing for hours at a time. It's not just about challenging yourself when it comes to trivia but challenging other players; thanks to the leaderboards you'll be able to work your way up. Topics include sports, science, general knowledge, TV shows, movies, books, games, music, lifestyle, education, and more.

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As another element of fun you can join the QuizUp community which allows you chat with others who like the same sort of topics as you. You can even send in trivia questions that may become part of the app.

The app is simple yet beautiful. Don't be thrown by how basic it may appear at first as this is one of its greatest features. You won't have to waste time navigating the app; instead, you can get to playing right away and enjoying yourself.


Not a Walk in the Park

As soon as you launch the app you will be able to start playing and enjoying the questions. Find the category you want to play in and then you are set to start. The app will use your information from Facebook to create your profile. The top of the screen shows the countdown clock what level you are (Beginner, for example) and who you are playing against.

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It should be mentioned you have all of 10 seconds maximum to answer the question so you need to not only beat the clock but beat your opponent to the correct answer. The questions are incredibly challenging even if it’s a category you feel you’re an “expert” in. You’ll be quick to find  you aren’t quite the expert you originally thought!

At the end of the game you will be able to see your match score, finish bonus, victory bonus, power up bonus, your rankings, and more. Share your results by mail, iMessage, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also chat or join discussions.




Pros and Cons


  • Clean, simple, and fun user interface
  • Select from over 250 topics with more than 150,000 questions in total
  • Play against another player in real-time
  • Share your results
  • Chat with others that have similar interests



  • Questions are quite difficult even if you’re on the beginner level


Final Thoughts

If trivia is your thing then the QuizUp app is well worth checking out. You’ll find a nice variety of questions in all different topics that are sure to challenge you. I really appreciate that you aren’t just playing against a computer rather against an opponent in real time.



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