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Math app review: your own personal math tutor for free 2021



Regardless of what level of education you are at, having a personal tutor that you can call on at any time is always beneficial.

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The Math app acts exactly like a tutor, so check it out. Anytime or anywhere, through this iPhone math app, you now have the benefit of your own tutor to reinforce your current lessons or move ahead and get a jump on the rest of your class.

Keep reading our Math app review to learn more details about this good math app for iPhone and iPad users.



More Than Just Equations

By utilizing audio-, video-, and text-based lessons, the Math app will immediately show its benefits to any student. Lessons ranging from the fifth grade all the way up to college level math courses; it's all here in all its forms.

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So regardless if you are learning the basics of fractions or complex algebraic equations, Math is here to hold your hand every step of the way.

The interface is extremely easy to use: simply pick the level of courses you are currently taking, then select the subcategory of the lesson itself. Math first begins with a straight audio- and image-based introduction to the lesson to help you with the basics.

As you progress through each level it is video-based with an actual teacher in front of a white board explaining the finer points of how to properly calculate the answer.

The video and audio quality is great and extremely easy to follow. If you get a little overwhelmed, don't worry, the real benefit of this app is the fact you can review all the material at will to make sure you completely grasp every aspect of mathematics.

More Than Just Equations image

Test Your Knowledge

Math also provides some great testing modes both in lesson through the Challenge and Self Test options, as well as preparing you for every Standardized Test given throughout the United States.

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This is a great way to see exactly how you are performing in your lessons, and provides you with a great in-depth explanation on how to get the correct answer when you get it wrong.

Math never condescends nor scolds you for getting an incorrect answer; instead, it provides a positive environment to encourage you to try again. 

Test Your Knowledge image



Pros and Cons


  • Great video-, audio-, and image-based lessons
  • Teaches every type of math lesson from grade school all the way to college level
  • Regardless of a right or wrong answer Math gives you a positive way to learn
  • Provides both a self test option as well as preparation for standardized testing


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Math app is a great way for any student, at any level, to receive instruction and testing in a positive environment. You now have all the benefits of your own personal math tutor whenever you need it for free.

Every person out there who is enrolled in a mathematics course will benefit from the Math app regardless if you are excelling or struggling.


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