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Perfect Dog Free app review: the inside scoop on breeds



If you are thinking about buying a dog, or if you're just a dog lover in general, then the Perfect Dog Free app can shed a lot of light on the different breeds. Think of this app as your go-to reference guide that is filled with photos and information on more than 350 breeds. It's not just the popular breeds you'll find; even the rare ones are highlighted in this app.

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Perfect Dog X - All The Breeds


Popular for a Reason

This app is among one of the most popular dog apps and it's really no wonder. As you dig deeper and deeper into the information you'll find that it rivals encyclopedia levels of information here. As a dog owner myself I really enjoy reading up not just on my dog’s breeding but about other breeds that interest me.

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Dogs are easy to find thanks to the fact that the app is organized alphabetically. Just scroll through the list or by group. Each breed displays with its name and an image of the actual dog. If you'd rather, you can search by "lifestyle settings" which are things such as minimal shedding, good with kids, and more. This is great if you're actually looking to purchase a dog rather than just read up on your animal. Get even more specific and look for dogs based on physical attributes such as pointy nose, floppy ears, large dog, and more.


Finding Your Perfect Match

This app feels a bit like a dating app in that you enter in all your search criteria and then the app comes back with possible matches. It matches all your search criteria to breeds that would fulfill your wishes. While there may not be one perfect breed you will get an idea of breeds that closely match what you want.

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I like what this app is aiming to do. All too often people rush to buy a dog simply based on its looks when there is so much more to the dog than that. Finding one with a personality and other attributes that match your lifestyle will ensure you have a happy dog and you’re also a happy dog owner. A little bit of research can really help you with that search.

When it comes to the actual information you will find in here it includes the size of the breed, how it does with children, its temperament, what its shedding will be like, the history of the breed, and more. In addition, each breed gets a ranking so you know just how closely it meets your criteria.


Perfect Dog X - All The Breeds


Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to use
  • Enter in your search criteria to find the breeds that match your search
  • Results are quick to appear
  • Read about details of the breed



  • The app offers limited access to the breeds in this lite version


Final Words

The Perfect Dog Free app is a way to enter in your search requests and match it to breeds that would fit in with your lifestyle. It’s very easy to use and lots of fun to read about all the different dogs.


Perfect Dog X - All The Breeds

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