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24me Smart Personal Assistant app review: the next generation smart calendar and automatic to-do list-2020



Designed for the purpose of giving you a “heads up” about everything that’s happening in your day by intelligently connecting to your real life is this revolutionary productivity app. It takes care of life’s multitude of tasks so that you can focus on the more important things.

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I think this is a great idea for an app and I can definitely see that the developers have done a good job of achieving what they set out to do.

While there are a lot of apps that attempt to provide a comprehensive scheduling and task-setting utility, 24me definitely seems to stand firm where many comparable developments simply fall short. This app definitely receives a hearty recommendation from me.

24me Smart Personal Assistant


Schedule Your Daily Tasks With Ease

The first time you use 24me Smart Personal Assistant you’ll be prompted to create a user account; however, this can be done by using your Facebook account so it should only take a couple of seconds before you’re up and running.

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Once you’ve got your account all set up you’ll also notice that 24me requires access to your Contacts, Calendar, and Current Location, and this is a great start because from here you’ll notice that all of the features are very streamlined henceforth.

The interface itself looks great in my opinion, fitting in quite nicely with the visual theme of iOS 7. Along the top of the screen you’ll notice three icons which enable you to access the specific categories of entries you’re looking for, including Calendar view, Tasks, and Reminders or Alerts.


Automate Your Task-Setting

If you want to add a task, this can be achieved by tapping the plus icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Next up is a very cool menu which enables you to choose whether to add a Meeting, Call, Text, or Email, with the option of also adding an image or even an audio recording to your entry.

The options expand even further as you add more information to your tasks, providing you with the option of adding things such as location data, time information, calendar entries, notes, and more. You can also invite attendees directly from your iPhone Contacts list or via email.


24me Smart Personal Assistant


Pros and Cons


  • Convenient task-setting system with the ability to add images and audio to your entries
  • Choose between Meeting, Call, Text, and Email task categories
  • Add location data, time information, calendar entries, notes, and more to your tasks
  • Quick and easy registration by using your Facebook account
  • Awesome animated introduction for first-time users



  • The app crashed when attempting to add voice recordings to my tasks


Final Words

Aside from experiencing a minor crash when trying to add audio to my tasks, I’m quite impressed with 24me Smart Personal Assistant, and it definitely appears to be more than adequate for helping to schedule your day-to-day tasks, both in a professional and personal context.


24me Smart Personal Assistant

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