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Fast Edits app review: enhance your photos



If you like to be able to edit your photos but don't want to be stuck spending all kinds of time doing it then you need something quick and simple. The Fast Edits app is meant to allow you to make super-fast edits to all your photos using editing effects. There's no need to be a professional in order to understand and navigate your way through photo edits thanks to this photo editor app for iPhone and iPad. You can take those rather dull-looking photos and jazz them up thanks to the many features offered.

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Fast Edits - Make and Create Fast Quick Edit for Your Photos w/ Image Effect & Editing Effects


Standing Out from the Crowd

With so many photo editing apps available it's hard to stand out from the crowd. One way this app is trying to do just that, is by offering all its features and effects for free. The app is ad supported but if you can look past this then you can enjoy everything here without spending a penny.

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This app is a photo editor that allows you to use your artistic creativity to create some rather memorable images. There are photo effects, stickers, the ability to add text to pictures, and more. In fact, the editing feature list is really quite extensive. After finishing with your edits you can share them by Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If you'd rather, you can send your images by email.

Standing Out from the Crowd image

Making Your Photo Edits

When it comes to making the actual edits, just as the developer suggests, it is a quick and simple process. I am far from adept when it comes to photo editing yet I found this app extremely easy to use and navigate.

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Begin with a photo from your library or take one using the camera function in the app. You then work your way through all the editing features applying what you want. You selections are to enhance, add effects, add a frame, apply stickers, adjust the focus, play with the orientation, crop the photo, adjust the brightness, make changes to the sharpness, add splash, draw on the photo, add text, fix red eye, whiten teeth, get rid of blemishes, and you even get a Meme feature. As you can tell there is no shortage of editing options! When you’re done you can share your photo from within the app or you can save it.

From start to finish you can take a photo, apply all your edits, and then share it within just a couple of minutes, and possibly even faster.

Making Your Photo Edits image

Fast Edits - Make and Create Fast Quick Edit for Your Photos w/ Image Effect & Editing Effects


Pros and Cons


  • All editing features are offered for free
  • The editing process is extremely fast and simple
  • Take a photo from within the app or use one from your Library
  • Share photos by social media, email, or save it


  • The app does contain ads which tend to distract a bit

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The Fast Edits app definitely follows through on being quick and simple. I also like the fact that you get so many features for free that you can apply to your photos. To some users, it might not be the best photo editing app for iPad and iPhone, but I think it's a definite keeper!

Fast Edits - Make and Create Fast Quick Edit for Your Photos w/ Image Effect & Editing Effects

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