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Slader app review: get the answer to that tough math or science problem 2021



If you're having trouble solving any math or science problem and you can't seem to find the help you need, the Slader homework app for iPhone is what you are looking for.

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Slader math app is a crowd-sourced platform where high school and college students contribute the answers in a positive "for students by students" environment. The Slader app to help you with your homework has become a great way to improve on your studies. But, is it one of the best homework helping apps?

Slader Homework Answers


You Have A New Study Buddy

To work with the Slader app you first must create a profile and then select the level of education you are at. Once that is done a list of all the math and science text books for that grade populates.

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This text book list is very impressive as it not only provides the standardized course books but also includes state-specific texts. If you don't find the book you are currently studying from in the list of texts, simply scan the bar code and Slader will add that text book to the app.

Once you have your book selected just input the page number you are currently working on. Slader will provide you with all of the user-submitted answers for that page.

This is where things with the Slader app get a little tricky; because the app is crowd-sourced, if another user has not submitted any solutions to the page(s) of the text book, then nothing will appear.

This is obviously very frustrating, but the majority of texts have a lot of included answers, if not all of them. As more users come to discover Slader and begin using it, the more answers will be provided. 

You Have A New Study Buddy image

Crowd-Sourcing Has Its Issues

Even with the lack of all the answers for every text book included, Slader works very well. One place, however, where the developer should have taken more care is with the answer result page.

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The app is designed for both the iPad and iPhone, and I'm quite sure that the answers display on the iPad. However in the iPhone version the text is small and difficult to read, so zooming in may be required.

The other stumbling block is that some of the answers that users have provided don't show you the steps they used to acquire it.

For some equations and problems this is not an issue, but knowing specific steps and calculations are essential and need to be shown when providing a solution. Issues like this have unfortunately become the standard in a lot of crowd-sourced app like this.

Crowd-Sourcing Has Its Issues image

Slader Homework Answers


Pros & Cons


  • Both standardized and state text books are included
  • Interface is extremely easy to use
  • Scan in the barcode of your text book and add it to the list
  • Layout is divided by page and problem number for easy access



  • Not all of the answers for every text book are there
  • In some answer keys the steps to how the user reached their solution aren't included

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Slader app is a great new way for students to get help and guidance in their studies. The app may not have all the answers now, but since it is crowd-sourced, as more users begin to provide their answers to Slader, the more relevant it will become.

Get in on the ground floor and start contributing your solutions to Slader, because the more people use it, the faster the potential benefits of this app become clear.

Slader Homework Answers

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