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My Vehicle Universe app review: building fine motor skills through fun 2021



There are plenty of education-based apps out there for kids but there is also a large difference in the quality of them. While they all promise to entertain and educate your child, not every educational app for kids follows through on that.

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The My Vehicle Universe app is one such brain training app for kids that claims to help children with their fine motor skills with an interactive and stimulating vehicle. It all sounds good so does this app for improving motor skills stand up to its claims? Let’s take a look further in our My Vehicle Universe app review.

My Vehicle Universe - An Interactive Educational Game


Building a Variety of Skills

This app has been developed for kids’ ages four and up and features memory and matching games. This games are able to help children with their fine motor skills as well as build their concentration, and focus.

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These are skills every child needs to learn but isn’t always easy to do. From a parents point of view the fact that it builds a few skills at once is a huge bonus.

The experience kids will have here is one that is interactive, playful, and a whole lot of fun. There are eight categories they will be able to play in, which include cars, sports, planes, and space. They will be working on memory and match games in each category.

The app offers up 17 pages of interactive features and the user interface has been designed with kids in mind so it's easy to use.

Building a Variety of Skills image

Playing and Learning

This app is completely free to download then you will have limited functionality from there. There are a variety of in-app purchases that unlock more features and range in price from $0.99 to remove the adds to $3.99 which is the Super Deal package.

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It's always great to start with the free content however and get a feel for the app so you can decide if you like it.

The activities feature interactive and innovative elements that have been designed to capture the attention of kids right away.

Launch the app to discover you are given four categories for free. Each of the activities use touch functionality so kids can easily play on their own. There are voice spoken instructions for them to follow and encouragement given along the way.

I actually find some of the activities hard for me even as some move along at a pretty fast pace. Not to worry the kids seem to catch on to technology faster than us adults nowadays!

Playing and Learning image

My Vehicle Universe - An Interactive Educational Game


Pros and Cons


  • Kid-friendly functionality and features
  • Play mini games in a variety of categories
  • Mini games focus on a variety of skills including fine motor, concentration, and focusing


  • You have limited functionality in the free version
  • The app is ad-supported and where they are placed interferes with the game a bit

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The My Vehicle Universe app provides kids with a fun and interactive way to earn some very basic and important skills. I like the variety of mini-games offered and no doubt kids will end up wanting the additional categories.

My Vehicle Universe - An Interactive Educational Game

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