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AppBox Pro: A Swiss Army Knife for Your Digital Life app review: the name says it all-2020



AppBox Pro is a password-protected app that contains many utility apps. It has a password-protected wallet, tip calculator, dice for random choosing, date calculator, days until countdown, holidays, translator, unit converter, bubble level, ruler, mirror, currency converter, price comparison, sale price, period calculator for women, a link to Google docs, horoscope, rock paper scissors, and many more!

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AppBox combines the most useful apps or the most essential apps all into one convenient source. If you don't believe us, keep reading this review and check out our list of cool apps for more great options.

AppBox Pro : Useful 26 Tools in One


Password-Protected Wallet

As the password-protected wallet is the main reason for downloading AppBox Pro, I will discuss this feature further. When you first open the wallet section, your password is required to continue. Once entered, you have the option of viewing All Categories if you forget where you filed your information, or you can select the subfolder.

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Several subfolders are included, but you can also customize these. I have a custom one for my business to keep everything in one place, but also have a Bank Accounts, Combinations, Driver License, Email, Memberships, Vehicle, and Web Accounts, to name just a few. Each subfolder has different fields, for example the Driver License has a license field, where as the Web Accounts has a member name and password field.

I change my password every few months to ensure that this information is kept safe, and you can change this from the Settings. Here you see that there is an AES (advanced encryption standard) Encryption. I don’t worry one bit that I have information in there that is sensitive. In some ways it is safer there than at home!

Password-Protected Wallet image

Additional Apps

I initially downloaded AppBox Pro after my BlackBerry fried and I didn’t have the safe anymore. I went hunting for an affordable, multipurpose app that would keep my passwords safe. This Swiss Army of apps has so much in there that I don’t use every app every day. I use the random number picker with my students and my children to make the choosing fair.

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I have used the level to install car seats and hang photos. The currency converter is handy because I live in a Canada-U.S. border town. When you’re not sure how much tip to leave, there’s the tip calculator.

If it’s not already built in, then you can add it in the customization settings. Go to Settings, customize apps and you find Battery Life, System Info, Flashlight, Loan, Alarm Clock, Web Games, Google Books, and many more. If THAT doesn’t hit all your utility needs, there’s a Web Apps to add even more!

Additional Apps image

AppBox Pro : Useful 26 Tools in One


Pros & Cons


  • So many built-in apps that you hardly have to download any other utilities
  • If it’s not built-in, you can add it through the Web Apps
  • Supports many Google add-ons such as Books, Docs, Talk, and Gmail
  • Password protected and AES Encrypted wallet for your privacy


  • I haven’t found any in the almost three years that I’ve been using it

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

AppBox Pro is a fabulous multi-purpose app that includes so much you barely need anything else on your Apple device! It securely protects your passwords and makes them searchable for future use. No more forgotten passwords!

AppBox Pro : Useful 26 Tools in One

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